Washington Administrative Code
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Chapter 110-30 WAC
Last Update: 8/4/22

(Formerly: Chapter 388-15 WAC)
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WAC Sections
110-30-0010What is the child protective services program?
110-30-0020What definitions apply to these rules?
110-30-0030What is child abuse or neglect?
110-30-0040What is child abandonment?
110-30-0050Who may receive child protective services?
110-30-0060What is the responsibility of CPS regarding reports of abuse or neglect?
110-30-0070How does CPS respond to reports of alleged child abuse or neglect?
110-30-0080What special requirements must CPS follow for Indian children?
110-30-0090What information may CPS share with mandated reporters?
110-30-0100When will CPS involve local community resources?
110-30-0110Under what circumstances may CPS place a child in out-of-home care?
110-30-0120When will CPS involve the juvenile court?
110-30-0130What are the department's responsibilities regarding notification of the parent or legal custodian in child protective services cases?
110-30-0140When must the department notify the parent, guardian or legal custodian of allegations of child abuse or neglect made against them?
110-30-0150What steps must the department take to provide an opportunity for the parent(s), guardian, or legal custodian(s) to review case information?
110-30-0160What limitations does the department have on the disclosure of case information?
110-30-0170What is the purpose of these rules?
110-30-0180Does CPS have to notify the alleged perpetrator of the results of CPS investigation?
110-30-0190How does CPS notify the alleged perpetrator of the finding?
110-30-0200What information must be in the CPS finding notice?
110-30-0210What happens to unfounded CPS findings?
110-30-0220Can an alleged perpetrator challenge a CPS finding of child abuse or neglect?
110-30-0230How do alleged perpetrators challenge their founded CPS findings?
110-30-0240What happens if the alleged perpetrator does not request CPS to review the founded CPS finding within thirty days?
110-30-0250What happens after the alleged perpetrator requests CPS to review the founded CPS finding of child abuse or neglect?
110-30-0260How does CPS notify the alleged perpetrator of the results of the CPS management review?
110-30-0270What happens if CPS management staff changes the founded CPS finding?
110-30-0280What happens if CPS management does not change founded CPS findings after their reviews?
110-30-0290What laws and rules will control the administrative hearings held regarding the founded CPS findings?
110-30-0300What effect does a petition for dependency have on an administrative hearing?
110-30-0310What factors must the ALJ consider in order for the alleged abused and/or neglected child to testify at the administrative hearing?
110-30-0320Are there issues the ALJ may not rule upon during an administrative hearing regarding a founded CPS finding?
110-30-0330Are the administrative hearings open to the public?
110-30-0340How does the ALJ make a decision regarding the founded CPS finding?
110-30-0350How will the appellant be notified of the ALJ's decision?
110-30-0360What if the appellant or the department disagrees with the decision?
110-30-0370What happens if the ALJ rules against the department?
110-30-0390Services to individuals released from mental hospitals or in danger of requiring commitment to such institutions.
110-30-0380Family planning. [WSR 18-14-078, recodified as § 110-30-0380, filed 6/29/18, effective 7/1/18. Order 1238, § 388-15-240, filed 8/31/77; Order 1204, § 388-15-240, filed 4/1/77; Order 1147, § 388-15-240, filed 8/26/76; Order 1088, § 388-15-240, filed 1/19/76.] Repealed by WSR 20-04-019, filed 1/27/20, effective 2/27/20. Statutory Authority: 2017 c 6.