Washington Administrative Code
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Chapter 132G-168 WAC
Last Update: 6/6/79

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WAC Sections
132G-168-010Purpose of the library's existence.
132G-168-012Library hours.
132G-168-016Prohibited entry.
132G-168-020Basis of policies and procedures.
132G-168-030Modification of these regulations.
132G-168-040Borrower classification.
132G-168-050Identification card.
132G-168-060Loan time periods.
132G-168-070Special collections.
132G-168-080Number of items that may be borrowed.
132G-168-090Date library materials are due.
132G-168-100Renewal of library materials.
132G-168-110Holds, recalls and searches.
132G-168-120Return of library materials.
132G-168-130Schedule of fines and charges.
132G-168-140System-wide applicability of fines.
132G-168-150Notice of overdue materials.
132G-168-160Accrual date or time of fines.
132G-168-170When fines will be levied.
132G-168-180Failure to pay fines or charges, or both.
132G-168-190Appeals of fines and charges.