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Chapter 358-30 WAC
Last Update: 3/15/95

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WAC Sections
358-30-005Waiver of rules to prevent manifest injustice to parties not represented by legal counsel.
358-30-010Acknowledgment of appeal, setting of hearing.
358-30-015Motion for more definite statement.
358-30-020Hearings examiners.
358-30-022Hearings on appeals of allocation determinations.
358-30-026Prehearing conference.
358-30-028Hearings and conferences by telephone.
358-30-040Motions for and orders of continuance.
358-30-042Motions, generally—Time lines.
358-30-045Filing of prehearing statements, briefs, and written argument.
358-30-050Disposition following hearing.
358-30-060Dispositive and summary motions.
358-30-070Recommended decisions of hearings examiners—Exceptions.
358-30-080Hearing on exceptions—Orders of board.
358-30-082Default at hearings.
358-30-084Dismissal by board.
358-30-090Exhibits at hearings.
358-30-100Ethical conduct.
358-30-110Filing papers with the personnel appeals board.
358-30-130Witness fees.
358-30-140Proof of subpoena service.
358-30-170Burden of proof.
358-30-180Restoration of rights and benefits.
358-30-200Computation of time.
358-30-210Appeals to superior court.
358-30-220Record for the court—Transcripts on appeal.