Washington Administrative Code
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Chapter 491-04 WAC
Last Update: 10/29/16

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WAC Sections
491-04-020Who is allowed to file a request for an appeal of a decision?
491-04-030What is the time limitation for filing a request for an appeal?
491-04-040Am I required to have a legal counsel?
491-04-050Where are requests for an appeal filed?
491-04-060What methods of filing are acceptable?
491-04-070What should my request for an appeal include?
491-04-080How much information should I provide in my request for an appeal?
491-04-090Who pays for the cost of obtaining additional medical data if my case relates to an injury or illness?
491-04-100What will the agency do after receiving my request for an appeal?
491-04-110What are the requirements for a notice of hearing?
491-04-120Can cases be consolidated?
491-04-130What methods of serving papers is acceptable?
491-04-140What is adequate proof of service?
491-04-150Can I bring someone with me to the hearing?
491-04-160Can witnesses be subpoenaed?
491-04-170Can I submit medical reports instead of having to pay a doctor to testify?
491-04-190What are the timing requirements for the filing of prehearing briefs and supporting evidence?
491-04-200How is evidence presented?
491-04-210How does the board handle testimony under oath?
491-04-220Can witnesses appear by phone?
491-04-230Will the hearing be recorded?
491-04-240What is the role of the state board in an appeal?
491-04-250Do I have to file any paperwork after the hearing?
491-04-260After the hearing, how long will it be before a decision is made and issued?
491-04-270How am I informed of the final decision?
491-04-280What happens once the decision is issued?
491-04-290Are the parties allowed to reach a settlement?
491-04-180Can new evidence be submitted for the hearing? [Statutory Authority: RCW 41.24.290(2). WSR 13-21-050, § 491-04-180, filed 10/11/13, effective 11/11/13.] Repealed by WSR 16-22-051, filed 10/29/16, effective 11/29/16. Statutory Authority: RCW 41.24.290(2).