WSR 98-04-024



[Filed January 28, 1998, 11:36 a.m., effective July 1, 1998]

Date of Adoption: January 9, 1998.

Purpose: These rule changes facilitate recordkeeping and accounting in bingo operations. Changes specify that daily record for bingo operations should include either a duplicate copy of the prize receipt or the merchandise prize receipt log; allow merchandise prizes valued at $15.00 or less to be receipted on a single log sheet; require unredeemed certificates that were issued as prizes to be accounted for by decreasing the prize expense account.

Citation of Existing Rules Affected by this Order: Amending WAC 230-08-080, 230-20-102, and 230-20-115.

Statutory Authority for Adoption: RCW 9.46.070 (1), (11), (14).

Adopted under notice filed as WSR 97-23-052 on November 17, 1997, with a publication date of December 3, 1997.

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Effective Date of Rule: July 1, 1998.

Soojin Kim

Rules and Policy Coordinator

AMENDATORY SECTION (Amending Order 293, filed 6/18/96, effective 7/19/96)

WAC 230-08-080 Daily records--Bingo. In addition to any other requirement set forth in these rules, licensees for the operation of bingo shall be required to prepare a detailed record covering each bingo session as defined in WAC 230-02-104: Provided, That operators of bingo games conducted at qualified agricultural fairs and other special locations shall be exempt from this rule, but will be required to keep all operator records by location in order to properly report all information as required by WAC 230-08-250. This detailed daily record shall disclose the following information for each separate session conducted during a bingo occasion:

(1) The gross gambling receipts collected for each separate type of sale, of any kind, for bingo games including, but not limited to, regular games, early bird games, blackout games, special games, or pick up games. These gross gambling receipts shall be supported by receipting records required by WAC 230-20-101 and inventory control records required by WAC 230-08-105. Licensees using the combination receipting method shall reconcile the extended value of all disposable cards, packets of cards, and electronically generated cards sold to the amount of sales recorded per the cash register;

(2) The amount paid out or accrued for prizes awarded for each bingo game. Each session record shall contain the following minimum information regarding prizes awarded:

(a) The game number;

(b) The dollar amount or the actual cost of each prize;

(c) A complete description of all noncash prizes;

(d) The consecutive number of the prize receipt issued for each prize;

(e) The duplicate copy of the prize receipt issued for all prizes awarded during the session or the merchandise prize receipt log as allowed by WAC 230-20-102(4);

(f) The check number of all checks used to pay winners of bingo games: Provided, That if the payment must be made by check under the guidelines of WAC 230-20-102 (1)(c), the duplicate copy must be maintained as a part of the session records; and

(g) Full details of prizes accrued.

(3) The net gambling receipts from each bingo session;

(4) The cash on hand at the commencement and the conclusion of each session;

(5) A reconciliation of cash on hand, net gambling receipts, and the bank deposit of net revenue for each session. The bank deposit shall be supported by a validated copy of the bank deposit receipt. Steps taken to reconcile overages and/or shortages that exceed twenty dollars for any session must be documented;

(6) An attendance record indicating the number of people participating and the time the attendance count was made;

(7) All bingo numbers or symbols selected and called during any game that offers a prize exceeding two hundred dollars. The numbers or symbols shall be recorded in the sequence selected. A computer generated "call sheet" may be used in lieu of a manual record if a print-out of results is made;

(8) The winning card or face number(s) for each individual prize awarded that exceeds two hundred dollars: Provided, That if the game is played using disposable bingo cards, the winning card or sheet of cards may be retained in lieu of the card numbers;

(9) A copy of the schedule of the games to be played and prizes available for the session: Provided, That if the record is annotated with the effective dates of each game schedule, it may be maintained separately and updated only when a change occurs. Any changes to the advertised and printed game and prize schedule, that occur during a session, must be noted in the session records and verified by the signature of the gambling manager assigned primary responsibility for supervising the session and another bingo worker on duty during the session;

(10) The gambling manager assigned primary responsibility for supervising the bingo session(s) must review all session records for accuracy, determine that required information is provided, and confirm the required deposit amount(s). After satisfactory completion of this review, the records must be signed by the gambling manager responsible for supervising the session before the gambling manager leaves the premises on the day(s) the session(s) was conducted; and

(11) All records required by this section shall be:

(a) Recorded in a standard format prescribed by the commission;

(b) Recorded during the course of each session; and

(c) Retained for a period of not less than three years.

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AMENDATORY SECTION (Amending Order 303, filed 11/21/96, effective 12/22/96)

WAC 230-20-102 Bingo prizes--Record of winners. All payments of prizes for bingo games shall be accounted for and documented in a manner that affords independent verification of the amount paid and the fact of distribution to winners: Provided, That Class A and B bingo licensees, organizations conducting bingo under the provisions of RCW 9.46.0321, and bingo activities conducted at a qualified agricultural fair are exempt from all portions of this rule if the requirements of WAC 230-08-015 are followed. Payment of all prizes shall be documented using the following procedures:

What are the receipting and recordkeeping requirements for bingo prizes?

(1) A prize receipt shall be completed for each prize awarded at bingo games: Provided, That merchandise prizes with a cost or fair market value of fifteen dollars or less may be receipted on a single log sheet as allowed in subsection (4) of this section. The following minimum information shall be recorded for each prize awarded:

(a) The date;

(b) The game number;

(c) The complete name and address of the winner: Provided, That an address of the winner is not required if prizes greater than $300 are paid by check or a combination of cash or check and:

(i) Checks are drawn on the licensee's gambling bank account;

(ii) Checks are made payable only to the winner: Provided, That checks for prizes won by players under age eighteen may be made payable to the guardian or immediate family member accompanying the player;

(iii) The game number and prize receipt number are notated on the check;

(iv) Checks used are of a type that provides a duplicate copy. The copies become a part of the daily bingo records and must be maintained as such;

(v) All original checks are returned by the bank to the licensee. Original checks shall be available for inspection upon demand by the commission; and

(vi) Checks drawn on the licensee's gambling account are not cashed or otherwise redeemed by the licensee or on the licensees premises.

(d) The dollar amount of the prize or the licensee's cost of noncash prizes;

(e) A full description of all noncash prizes;

(f) The check number, if any portion of the prize is paid by check; and

(g) The initials of the bingo worker making the payout and the cashier making the payment.

(2) Prize receipts shall be consecutively issued in an ascending order. Prize receipts bearing a number below the highest number issued during a session shall be voided and retained with the daily records.

(3) The original of each prize receipt shall be given to the winner and a duplicate copy shall be retained by the licensee as a part of its records for a period of not less than three years.

(4) Merchandise prizes with a cost or fair market value of fifteen dollars or less may be receipted on a merchandise prize receipt log. A separate merchandise prize receipt log shall be maintained for each session used, and retained as a part of the bingo daily records. At a minimum, the following information must be recorded on the log:

(a) The date and session;

(b) The game number;

(c) The complete name of the winner printed;

(d) The cost of the prize or fair market value of the prize if donated;

(e) A full description of the prize;

(f) The initials of the person distributing the prize; and

(g) The criteria for awarding the prizes.

How must prize receipts be printed?

(((4))) (5) Prize receipts shall be printed by a commercial printer and meet the following standards:

(a) Manufactured of two-part, self-duplicating paper that provides for an original and a duplicate copy;

(b) Imprinted with the name of the licensee and a consecutive ascending number that does not repeat in at least 100,000 occurrences: Provided, That Class E and smaller licensees may utilize receipts that are not imprinted with the licensee's name and which the consecutive number does not repeat in at least 1,000 occurrences; and

(c) Provide space for the licensee to record the information required by subsection (1) above.

What records must a licensee keep for the acquisition of prize receipts?

(((5))) (6) All prize receipts purchased or otherwise obtained must be accounted for by the licensee. Prize receipts purchased or otherwise obtained by the licensee shall be documented on a vendor's invoice. This invoice, or a photo-copy thereof, shall be maintained on the premises and available for inspection by commission staff. The following information shall be documented on the purchase invoice:

(a) Name of the vendor;

(b) Name of the purchasing organization;

(c) Date of purchase;

(d) Number of receipts purchased; and

(e) The beginning and ending receipt number.

For progressive prize type games, how may increases to the prize pool be accrued and accounted for?

(((6))) (7) Increases to the prize pool for progressive prize type games may be accrued and treated as prizes awarded during the current session if the following conditions are met:

(a) Prize receipts will be issued only when the prize is actually awarded;

(b) Full details of accrued prizes outstanding at the end of each calendar quarter, will be furnished on the licensee's activity report;

(c) Once an election is made to accrue prizes for a particular game, all increases to that prize must be accrued;

(d) Prizes must be accrued after the completion of each session in which they are increased;

(e) A reconciliation of the prize fund shall be made on each "Daily summary - Cash control" record;

(f) The amount of prize accrued shall be deposited in the gambling receipts account per WAC 230-12-020;

(g) The balance of the gambling receipts banking account shall not be reduced at any time below the amount of prizes accrued and currently being offered: Provided, That accrued prizes may be transferred to a special bank account, for this purpose, if the balance is maintained at a level equal to or greater than the amount of prizes accrued and currently being offered; and

(h) In the event management elects to discontinue games for which prizes have been accrued, the operator shall amend all activity reports and tax returns previously submitted to reflect the actual prizes awarded.

[Statutory Authority: RCW 9.46.070, 9.46.0209, 9.46.0237, 9.46.0205 and 9.46.075. 96-24-008 (Order 303), 230-20-102, filed 11/21/96, effective 12/22/96. Statutory Authority: Chapter 9.46 RCW. 91-21-053 (Order 228), 230-20-102, filed 10/15/91, effective 11/15/91. Statutory Authority: RCW 9.46.070. 90-24-005 (Order 218), 230-20-102, filed 11/26/90, effective 12/27/90.]

AMENDATORY SECTION (Amending WSR 96-07-078 [97-09-072], [filed 4/22/97,] effective 7/1/96 [7/1/97])

WAC 230-20-115 Gift certificates--Requirements. Gift certificates may be sold or issued as prizes during bingo games and such shall not be deemed sales of bingo cards for purposes of this title if licensees comply with the following restrictions:

(1) If sold, gift certificates shall be paid for in full at the time they are issued;

(2) Gross receipts from the sale of certificates shall be deposited separately into the gambling account no later than five banking days after receipt. The certificate numbers relating to the funds deposited shall be a part of the deposit record;

(3) For gift certificates awarded as prizes, the value of the certificate is recorded as a bingo prize on the daily bingo records for the sessions in which the certificate was issued. The certificate will be supported by a bingo prize receipt;

(4) Gift certificates shall be purchased from a commercial printer or licensed distributor and shall be prenumbered, consecutively issued, and have a predetermined value with the following information imprinted:

(a) The name of the organization issuing the certificate;

(b) The date issued and an expiration date no later than three months from the date issued for awarded certificates; and one year for sold certificates;

(c) The dollar value of the certificate; and

(d) Any conditions or contingencies related to redemption of the certificate;

(5) Gift certificates may only be awarded as prizes on up to four occasions per year, and no prize shall include more than forty dollars U.S. currency in gift certificates;

(6) Certificates shall only be redeemed for bingo cards, food, drink, merchandise, punchboards or pull tabs upon the licensed premises from which it was issued;

(7) Certificates redeemed shall be applied against bingo activity and daily bingo records shall be modified in the cash reconciliation section of the approved record format to document the number and dollar value of certificates redeemed;

(8) A reconciliation of gift certificate inventory to certificates issued shall be performed on a monthly basis and will include the following control features:

(a) Purchase invoices will be retained for gift certificates and they will include the organization name, date of purchase, and beginning and ending certificate numbers;

(b) Redeemed certificates will be maintained with the corresponding daily sales records;

(c) Sold ((C))(c)ertificates not redeemed ((within)) the expiration date shall be properly accounted for as a donation; and

(d) Certificates issued as prizes and not redeemed by the expiration date shall be accounted for by decreasing prizes paid expense by the value of the expired certificate and eliminating the corresponding liability. This adjusting entry shall be clearly documented in the licensee's monthly records; and

(e) (((d))) A certificate log will be maintained and will include the following:

(i) Certificate number;

(ii) Certificate value;

(iii) Date of issue;

(iv) Expiration date;

(v) Date of redemption; and

(vi) If awarded as a prize, the session and date the prize is awarded.

[Statutory Authority: RCW 9.46.070 (1), (8), (11), (14), (16) and (20). 97-09-072, 230-20-115, filed 4/22/97, effective 7/1/97. Statutory Authority: RCW 9.46.070 (1), (8) - (11), (14), (16), (20). 96-07-078, 230-20-115, filed 3/19/96, effective 7/1/96.]

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