WSR 98-23-024


Cite as: AGO 1998 No. 12[October 28, 1998]

colleges and universities - state employees - salaries and wages - compensation - budget and appropriation acts - appropriations - Extent to which a university may vary individual salary increases given language in operating budget appropriation funds for an "average" increase.

1. Under the language of the 1997-99 operating budget, a university may grant individual salary increases larger or smaller than the average 3.0 percent increase funded by legislative appropriation.

2. A university may use its 1997-99 budget appropriation in part to remedy salary disparities discovered by the university through studies or other means.

3. Under the 1997-99 budget act, a university may honor increases previously agreed to in collective bargaining agreements, using "local" or non-appropriated funds for any portion of the increase which the Legislature has declined to fund with its biennial appropriation.

4. If the Legislature fails to appropriate funds for a salary increase for university employees, the extent to which the university may fund such increases with non-appropriated funds depends on the language of the budget act covering the period in question.

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