WSR 00-03-086



[ Memorandum -- January 14, 2000 ]

In accordance with RCW 42.30.075, the University of Washington is providing the enclosed meeting schedules for governing bodies of schools, colleges, departments and programs at the university that maintain regular meeting schedules at the University of Washington Office of Public Records and Open Public Meetings.

Year 2000 regular meeting schedules for governing bodies of schools, colleges, departments and programs at the university which maintain regular meeting schedules at the University of Washington Office of Public Records and Open Public Meetings

Department Chair or Respondent
American Ethnic Studies Angelica Hernandez-Cordero
Animal Care Committee William Wheeler
Anthropology Miriam Kahn
Applied Mathematics Ka Kit Tung
Astronomy unknown
ASUW, A & E Alisa Felthous
ASUW, Board of Control Ryan Biava
ASUW, Crime Prevention David Roberts
ASUW, Elections Administration TBD
ASUW, Finance & Budget Jeff Meyers
ASUW, Governance Michael Tuncap
ASUW, Judicial Jamal Whitehead
ASUW, LSC Ashley Kolberg
ASUW, Personnel Lauren Struck
ASUW, SARVA Gillian Wickwire
ASUW, Senate Colleen Quinn
Biochemistry Kenneth A. Walsh
Bioengineering Yongmin Kim
Biostatistics Thomas R. Fleming
Board of Regents Jennefer Penfold
Botany Jerry Pangiliaman
Building and Facility Use, UW-Tacoma Gary Comfort
Chancellor's Cabinet, UW-Bothell Warren Buck
Chemistry Paul Hopkins
Civil & Environmental Engineering Fred L. Mannering
Classics unknown
Comparative Medicine Melvin B. Dennis, Jr.
Computer Science & Engineering Professor Lazowska
Computing & Software Systems William Erdly
Drama Sarah Nash Gates
Economics Richard Startz
Ecosystem Sciences (Forestry) Lynn Catlett
Education (Faculty Council) Ilene Schwartz
Education (Faculty Meeting) Ilene Schwartz
Educational Outreach, Administrative Council David Szatmary
Educational Outreach, Finance & Planning Carl Krikorian
Educational Outreach, HR Committee Kei Quinlan
Educational Outreach, Operations Nance Diaker/Meg Haley
Educational Outreach, Program Committee Rotating Chair
Educational Outreach, Web Dan Trippel
Endodontics Gerald W. Harrington
Environmental Health & Community Med. unknown
Family & Child Nursing unknown
Family Medicine Al Berg
Finance & Budget Committee Jeff Meyers
Fisheries unknown
Genetics Prof. Breck Byers
Geography Victoria Lawson
GPSS Senate Richard Heyman
Graduate School Council John Slattery
Harborview, Board Educational Session
Harborview, Board Meeting
Harborview, Executive Committee
Harborview, Finance Committee
Harborview, Health Care Committee
Harborview, Joint Conference Committee
Harborview, Quality Assurance
Harborview, Strategic Planning Committee
History Robert Stacey
Immunology Christopher Wilson
Law Roland Hjorth
Library & Information Science Michael Eisenberg
Linguistics Frederick S. Newmeyer
Management & Engineering, Forestry Rick Gustafson
Materials Science & Engineering Rajendra K. Bordia
Mathematics Donald Marshall
Mechanical Engineering William R. D. Wilson
Medical Education Sherrilynne Fuller
Microbiology James I. Mullins
Minority Affairs, OMA Directors Bill Baker
Minority Affairs, Counseling & Planning Steve Simeona
Music Robin McCabe
Near Eastern Languages & Civilization Michael A. Williams
Neurology Bruce Ransom
Nursing, APT Faculty Council Marie Annette Brown
Nursing, Deans and Chairs Nancy Woods
Nursing, Faculty (Governing Council) Nancy Woods
Nursing, UW-Bothell Anne Loustau
Nursing, UW-Tacoma Marjorie Dobratz
Oceanography unknown
Oral Biology Kenneth Izutsu
Orthodontics Kathie Long
Pathobiology Kenneth D. Stuart
Pediatric Dentistry Peter Domoto
Pediatrics F. Bruder Stapleton
Periodontics M. R. Robinovitch
Pharmacy Danny Shen
Philosophy Ken Clatterbaugh
Physics David G. Boulware
Prosthodontic L. Brian Toolson
Psychiatry & Behavioral Science Richard C. Veith
Public Affairs Marc Lindenberg
Public Health Patricia Wahl
RAPP Group, UW-Tacoma MacDonald Lazzari
Rehabilitation Medicine Marjorie E. Anderson
Scandanavian Studies Terje Leiren
Sociology Robert Crutchfield
Speech Communication Barbara Warnick
Statistics Michael D. Perlman
Student Publications Nic Peterson
Teacher Education unknown
Technical Communication Judy Ramey
University Facilities Norm Arkans
Washington Technology Center Molly K. Corrigan
Zoology unknown

[These schedules are available for public inspection at the following address:

Office of Public Records and Open Public Meetings

4014 University Way N.E.

Seattle, WA 98105-6203

UW Internet Mail: Box 355502]

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