WSR 01-17-070



[ August 15, 2001 ]

WHEREAS, fires in Chelan, Okanogan, Spokane, and Yakima Counties, having consumed over 40,000 acres and six structures, forced the evacuation of six ranches, endangering over 350 homes as of August 15, 2001, and threatening citizens and property of Washington State;

WHEREAS, winds and weather in the affected areas are exacerbating the problem, and other regions of Washington State are also at high risk;

WHEREAS, the fires pose a high risk of injury to the citizens and further damage to property in the currently affected counties as well as other jurisdictions in the State of Washington;

WHEREAS, the Adjutant General has authorized mobilization of fire service resources under Chapter 38.54 RCW; the Washington State Military Department has activated the state Emergency Operations Center and has implemented response procedures; and the Washington State Patrol Fire Protection Bureau is coordinating resources to support local officials in alleviating the immediate health and safety risks and social and economic impacts to people and property, and is assessing the magnitude of the event;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Gary Locke, Governor of the State of Washington, as a result of the aforementioned situation and under chapters 38.08, 38.24, 38.52, 38.54, and 43.06, do hereby proclaim that a state of emergency exists in Chelan, Okanogan, Spokane, and Yakima Counties and other areas of Washington at risk of fire-related damage, and direct the supporting plans and procedures to the Washington State Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan (CEMP) be implemented. This proclamation supersedes Fire Mobilizations 01-2117-Virginia Lakes/Cameron Lake Complex Fire, 01-2120 Brewster Complex Fire, 01-2126 Icicle Creek Complex Fire, and 01-2134 St. Mary's Fire declared by the Adjutant General. Funding and resourcing authority reverts to the CEMP. State agencies and departments are directed to utilize state resources and to do everything possible to assist affected political subdivisions in an effort to respond to and recover from the event. I also hereby order into active state service the Washington National Guard, or such minimal part thereof as may be necessary in the opinion of the Adjutant General, to perform such duties as directed by competent authority. Additionally, the Washington State Military Department, Emergency Management Division, is instructed to coordinate all event-related assistance to the affected areas.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and caused the seal of the state of Washington to be affixed at Olympia, this Fifteenth day of August, A.D., Two Thousand and One.
Gary Locke

Governor of Washington


Steve Excell

Assistant Secretary of State

Washington State Code Reviser's Office