WSR 02-04-029



[ Filed January 25, 2002, 8:52 a.m. ]

The Washington State Lottery has recently adopted or revised the following policies:

POL 130.020 - Disseminating and Maintaining Criminal History Information

This policy documents guidelines for disseminating information outside of the lottery and for maintaining information received through background investigations on retailers, employees/applicants, vendors/contractors, and persons under investigation.

Signed December 19, 2001.

POL 210.002 - Inventoriable Assets (Revised)

Changed the references to "fixed" assets to "inventoriable" assets. Clarified that we now have two inventory officers; redid their responsibilities and general accounting's responsibilities. Clarified that most assets are tagged when valued over $5,000. However, computer equipment is tagged when valued over $300. Inventory adjustments are now done on-line; a hard copy of the form is not used unless documenting a "scrap" adjustment; added a definition of "scrap." Removed references to inventorying supplies and merchandise from this document, as it is covered elsewhere.

Signed October 10, 2001.

POL 220.002 - Travel Reimbursement (Revised)

Eliminated the financial services manager reviewing the director's travel authorization forms; he/she only reviews the travel expense voucher.

In-state fare requests (without travel advance requests) are now done via e-mail, rather than on a form.

Signed October 1, 2001.

POL 220.016 - State-Sponsored Charge Cards (Revised)

Eliminated specific instructions on what forms to fill out, and refers the reader to POL 220.002 and POL 420.002. (See also the summaries for POL 220.002 and POL 420.002.)

Eliminated note re: Filling out LOT O-57 if making air travel or rental car arrangements.

Clarified that the aging report is not "on-line."

Signed October 4, 2001.

POL 250.005 - Prize Claim Validation and Payment (Revised)

Lucky for Life lifetime cash winners can no longer select weekly payments.

Questionable claims are now logged onto the mail log, rather than a separate tracking log.

Nonwinning tickets are kept for one complete audit period (rather than one hundred eighty days). Nonwinning scratch tickets are no longer returned to the player.

Added sections on hand issued checks and on protecting personal information.

The financial services manager determines the amount of walk-in claims that will be paid via the cash box (rather than specifying claims with a cumulative total of approximately $600 or less).

Clarified that for debts, the creditor agency has two working days following the date the claim was validated (rather than two working days) to respond.

Disputed nonwinning tickets are not returned to the claimant - they are kept at the lottery. If a hearing is requested, the tickets go to legal services; if no hearing is requested, they are filed with other nonwinning tickets.

The weekly audit process is no longer checked by anyone above the customer service supervisor.

Signed October 1, 2001.

POL 250.010 - Prize Payments to Minors (Revised)

Clarified that retailers (not just lottery offices) must also follow the guidelines listed.

Added a note to clarify that minors cannot purchase lottery tickets.

Updated the notation that will appear on checks for payments over $5,000.

Added information on prizes paid by cash (given to an adult member of the minor's family, or the minor's guardian).

Minors (not custodians) are responsible for the tax liability on prizes, unless the minor and custodian complete Form 5754.

Signed October 1, 2001.

POL 310.021 - Sporting Events Tickets (Revised)

Lottery family and friends can now receive a ticket if working a promotion, etc., without first having to have an insufficient number of lottery volunteers. Family and friends still cannot attend if lottery staff is attending with a retailer for recognition night, etc. Vendors can attend a retailer recognition night if the director determines it is beneficial to the lottery (such as attending with retailers they have trained). Vendors' family and friends can never receive a ticket to attend.

Clarified that regional sales managers must also follow the guidelines outlined for the communications division's distribution of tickets. Eliminated being able to use tickets as a good will gesture with consumers - consumers may only receive tickets as a prize that promotes lottery sales at a retailer location.

Clarified that regions use retailer award forms only when tickets are awarded to a retailer. Employees who receive tickets must now sign a receipt.

Signed December 3, 2001.

POL 420.002 - Air Transportation

In-state requests are now done via e-mail, rather than on an authorization form (unless requesting a travel advance).

The administrative services manager or designee (rather than the director) can approve employees or their designees making air travel arrangements. (The director's area can make travel arrangements without this special permission.)

For authorized changes to an itinerary: The employee contacts the travel agency directly. Also clarified that this applies to changes that require payment.

Administrative services no longer enters the travel information in a travel log; they do keep a copy of the itinerary.

Signed October 1, 2001.

To receive a copy of any of these policies, contact Becky Zopolis, Washington State Lottery, P.O. Box 43000, Olympia, WA 98504-3000, phone (360) 664-4816, fax (360) 664-4817.

January 22, 2002

Becky L. Zopolis

Washington State Code Reviser's Office