WSR 02-13-096



[ Filed June 18, 2002, 2:04 p.m. ]

Shown below is the rule-making agenda for the Department of Licensing. This agenda is sent as a requirement of RCW 34.05.314.

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JULY 2002

97-11-002 Driver responsibility Procedural rules regarding the revocation and restoration of driving privileges of those forced to be an habitual traffic offender under chapter 46.65 RCW, including rules regarding the right to a hearing.


Vehicle dealers Change in vehicle dealer temporary permit requirements.
99-12-018 Master licensing Chapter 308-87 WAC, Limousine carrier businesses.
99-18-126 Title and registration Chapter 308-57 WAC, Motor vehicle excise tax.
99-18-010 Fuel tax Chapter 308-97 WAC, Trip permits.
00-08-064 Fuel tax Chapter 308-78 WAC, Aircraft fuel tax etc., to include but not limited to WAC 308-78-010.
00-08-067 Master licensing Chapter 308-300 WAC, Consolidated licensing system; specifically WAC 308-300-010 through 308-300-200.
00-10-029 Master licensing Chapter 308-320 WAC, Commercial telephone solicitation.
00-06-001 01-13-061 Title and registration WAC 308-97-230.
01-14-089 Cosmetology Chapter 308-20 WAC, Cosmetology.
01-20-101 Timeshare Update to chapter 308-127 WAC.
01-20-103 Camp resorts Update to chapter 308-420 WAC.
01-22-059 02-12-082 Timeshare Fee adjustment, WAC 308-127-160.
01-22-060 02-12-081 Camp resorts Fee adjustment, chapter 308-420 WAC.
01-22-061 Professional athletics Fee adjustment, chapters 36-12, 36-13, and 36-14 WAC.
01-22-001 02-08-075 Engineers Chapter 196-26 WAC, to determine if fee adjustments need to be made to comply with RCW 43.24.086.
01-24-057 Landscape architects WAC 308-13-150 Landscape architects, fee adjustment.
02-03-087 Funeral To inform licensees and the public that the board intends to amend existing rules, adopt uniform rules concerning cremation, and adopt new rules concerning board policy.
02-03-088 Cemetery To inform licensees and the public that the board intends to amend existing rules, adopt uniform rules concerning cremation, and adopt new rules concerning board policy.
02-05-002 02-12-078 Title and registration WAC 308-96A-046, 308-96A-050, 308-96A-056, 308-96A-057, 308-96A-073, 308-96A-074, and 308-96A-530.
02-05-013 Title and registration WAC 308-56A-640.
02-05-014 Title and registration WAC 308-56A-300, 308-56A-305, 308-56A-310, 308-56A-315, 308-56A-320, 308-56A-325, and 308-56A-330.
02-05-015 Title and registration WAC 308-56A-070 and 308-56A-075.
02-05-016 Title and registration WAC 308-56A-250, 308-56A-265, 308-56A-270, and 308-56A-275.
02-05-017 Title and registration WAC 308-56A-640.
02-05-018 Title and registration WAC 308-56A-140, 308-56A-150, 308-56A-160, 308-56A-200, and 308-56A-215.
02-05-019 Title and registration WAC 308-56A-030, 308-56A-040, 308-56A-056, 308-56A-060, 308-56A-110, 308-56A-115, 308-56A-210, and 308-56A-295.
02-05-020 Title and registration WAC 308-96A-080, 308-96A-085, 308-96A-090, and 308-96A-095.
02-05-079 02-09-011 Geologist Amend WAC 308-15-040 and create a new WAC chapter to implement the rules of professional conduct for geologists licensed in Washington.
02-08-005 Title and registration WAC 308-56A-460.
02-08-006 Title and registration WAC 308-93-241, 308-93-242, 308-93-243, and 308-93-244.
02-07-069 Private investigator WAC 308-17-310 and 308-17-320.
02-08-033 02-12-077 Landscape architect WAC 308-13-150.
02-09-004 02-12-064 Title and registration WAC 308-96A-062, 308-96A-064, and 308-96A-005.
02-10-079 Title and registration Chapter 308-99 WAC, Vehicle reciprocity, to include but not limited to WAC 308-99-040.
02-11-097 Title and registration Chapter 308-93 WAC, Vessel registration and certificates of title, to include but not limited to WAC 308-93-230.
02-12-006 Title and registration Chapter 308-96A WAC, to include but not limited to WAC 308-96A-314 and 308-96A-550.
02-13-012 Title and registration Chapter 308-63 WAC, Wreckers, to include but not limited to WAC 308-63-090.

Walt Fahrer

Rules Coordinator

Washington State Code Reviser's Office