WSR 02-22-039



[ Filed October 29, 2002, 2:33 p.m. ]

The Washington Lottery has recently adopted or revised the following policies:

POL 110.020 - Flexible Work Hours and Job Sharing (Revision)

The main change was to align the policy with terminology used in the governor's executive order; no substantive changes were made to when employees can work flexible work hours or job share. Also added that divisional managers (not just assistant directors) can approve flexible work hours and job sharing. Removal can also now be at the assistant director or divisional manager level, rather than needing director or deputy director approval. Flexible hours are now approved electronically on a "Flex Time Request" form.

Signed August 5, 2002.

POL 120.001 - Tuition Reimbursement (Revision)

Reimbursement rates are no longer quoted in the policy; the employee services manager will determine the rates each year, taking the current tuition rates into consideration. Added that reimbursement is limited to the actual cost of five quarter hours or equivalent (but not exceeding the amount established by the employee services manager). Deleted that tuition reimbursement for graduate courses is a taxable employee benefit.

Signed August 5, 2002.

POL 120.004 - Leave Approval and Reporting (Revision)

Added a section on family and medical leave, which allows leave to care for a child after birth, adoption or foster care; to care for a spouse, child, or parent with a serious health condition; or for the employee's own serious health condition.

Now all leave, except for leave without pay for more than five days, can be approved at the supervisory level. Leave without pay for more than five days must be approved by the director or deputy director.

Family care leave is no longer limited to three days a year. Employees can now take five days of leave in a two-year period for life-giving procedures (such as donating blood, organs, etc.).

Signed August 27, 2002.

POL 120.015 - Harassment (Revision)

This policy now includes information on protected class harassment (rather than exclusively on sexual harassment).

Clarified that employees who experience harassment are not required to request that the harasser stop the behavior; although employees are strongly encouraged to request that harasser stop their behavior, the employee should make the request if comfortable doing so. The employee may also request that the harasser stop the behavior more than once before deciding to report it.

Added that the deputy director (in addition to the director) may be the one who receives information on the complaint and investigation and participates in resolving the complaint. Also, combined supervisor and manager responsibilities.

Signed August 21, 2002.

POL 130.002 - Appointing, Training and Removing Lottery Security Officials (LSOs) and Lottery Drawing Officials (LDOs) (Revision)

Added information about the Mega Millions multi-state lottery game and change the references to drawing times to one hour later.

When a new official is trained, a separate trainer will no longer attend the actual drawing where the official-in-training is observing. Instead, the official-in-training will attend a drawing(s) when one of the more experienced officials is working. In addition, for the first two weeks the new official works, he/she will usually work with one of the more experienced officials.

Signed August 21, 2002.

POL 250.001 - Validations Guidelines for Problem Tickets and Credits (Revision)

Added that Mega Millions tickets cannot be cancelled. Clarified which problems can be handled by customer service and which must be referred to the retailer services manager and security chief or designee. Also spells out what retailers must submit to receive reimbursements over $10. Added that the lottery's liability for inaccurate online tickets is limited to issuing a replacement ticket.

Signed August 21, 2002.

POL 250.005 - Prize Claim Validation and Payment (Revision)

Added information regarding paying Mega Millions tickets. Added information on customer services setting up winner files for cash option and annuity winners. Added controls to ensure that one person is not voiding and reissuing a check.

Signed August 26, 2002.

POL 310.005 - Temporary Placement of Additional Sales Terminals (Revision)

New qualifying retailers are now approved at the regional sales manager level (rather than by the sales manager). When the number of requests outnumber the available terminals, the sales manager works with the regional sales manager to determine who gets them. Clarified that terminals will begin to be removed the day after the jackpot is hit (they cannot all be removed in one day). Added Mega Millions information: Terminals will be added when the director or designee determines the Mega Millions jackpot size justifies it. Allows for determining the terminals will only be placed in retail locations next to border states and/or high volume locations.

Signed September 9, 2002.

POL 320.004 - Promotional Scratch Ticket Acquisition and Processing (Revision)

Added that partial packs not distributed in promotion remain the property of the requester (and the requester's budget). Within ten days of the end of the approved promotion, the requested submits a plan to his/her manager for the remainder of the tickets.

Regions and the sales division now follow the process outlined in the promotional tracking database. Marketing and communications starts the process with a memo rather than with a requisition form.

Deleted that all promotions using Scratch tickets have to be approved by the instant product manager. Added that the lottery has promotions when it is expected to enhance sales via increased visibility, etc.

POL 320.007 - Selling Lottery Tickets at an Off-Premise Location (Revision)

Added a general statement on how we decide to participate in an event (an effort to increase revenues directly through sales and/or through increasing visibility and awareness of lottery products). Added cash handling information, such as having two safes at each event - one designated for tickets, and one designated for cash. Included information on how the combinations are changed, when armored car service is used, etc.

Signed July 1, 2002.

POL 320.077 - Seattle Seahawks "Magic Money" Promotion

This new policy/procedure outlines the methods the lottery and is on-line vendor use to gather and safeguard entries for the "Magic Money" Promotion being conducted by the Seahawks. The entries will be collected at eight fairs throughout the state. One entry from each fair will win $1,000; the charity of the winner's choice will receive $2,000-$10,000 (amount determined at an event to be held November 3, 2002).

Signed July 16, 2002.

POL 420.006 - Parking (Headquarters)

Added information on when other employees can park in a vanpool spot (if vacant after 8:30), or carpool spot (only if an e-mail went out that it is available). Carpool drivers are required to notify all headquarters employees when the spot will be vacant. Also, the driver cannot park there any time they do not qualify as a carpool. If an employee no longer qualifies as a vanpool or carpool, the employee immediately notifies the administrative services manager.

District sales representatives no longer use visitors spots on regional meeting days, however, the administrative services manager will ensure temporary parking is available for them on meeting days. Agency vehicles no longer reside in "Reserved" spots; however, state-owned vehicles permanently assigned to an individual may still be in numbered spots. The director or deputy director, in addition to the director of human resources, can designate reserved spots.

Signed September 9, 2002.

POL 440.002 - Appointing, Training and Removing Headquarters Drawing Officials (HDOs) and Mega Millions Drawing Officials (MDOs)

This new policy outlines how HDO/MDO positions (other than the primary HDO position) are appointed. The HDO/MDO Coordinator determines training needed; officials in training receive drawing duty compensation for hours spent training during a drawing (provided the hours are outside of their normal work shift). HDOs/MDOs are exempt from civil service protection, and serve at the discretion of the Lottery's HDO/MDO Coordinator.

Signed September 9, 2002.

To receive a copy of any of these policies, contact Becky Zopolis, Washington Lottery, P.O. Box 43000, Olympia, WA 98504-3000, phone (360) 664-4816, fax (360) 664-4817.

October 28, 2002

Becky L. Zopolis

Washington State Code Reviser's Office