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[ Memorandum -- January 22, 2003 ]

Following is a list of the regular meeting notices for January 2003 to December 2003 for the University of Washington.

In accordance with RCW 42.30.075, the University of Washington is providing the following list of governing bodies of schools, colleges, departments and programs at the university that maintain regular meeting schedules at the University of Washington Public Records Office.

Regular Meetings 2003

Committee Chair
Applied Mathematics Ku Kit Tung
Aquatic and Fishery Sciences
ASUW Board of Directors
ASUW Finance and Budget Derek Huoth
ASUW Special Appropriations Derek Huoth
Biochemistry Alan M. Weiner
Bioengineering Yongmin Kim
Biology/Botany/Zoology (Joint Faculty) Thomas Daniel
Biomedical and Health Informatics Peter Tarczy-Hornoch
Board of Regents
Bothell, Business Steven Holland
Bothell, Computing and Software Charles F. Jackels
Bothell, IAS JoLynn Edwards
Bothell, Nursing Mary A. Baroni
Chemical Engineering Eric M. Stuve
Childcare Program
Classics James J. Clauss
Communications Jerry Baldasty
Comparative Medicine Melvin B. Dennis
Computer Science and Engineering David Notkin
Construction Management John Schaufelberger
Dental Public Health Timothy A. DeRouen
Dental School, Chairs Martha Somerman
Dental School, Faculty Council Greg King
Environmental Health David Kalman
Facilities Committee Norm Arkans
Faculty Executive Committee
Faculty Senate
Forest Resources F. Bruce Bare
Forest Resources, Ecosystem Science
Forest Resources, Management and Engineering
Geography James Harrington
Germanics Sabine Wilke
GPSS, Executive David Mitsuo Nixon
GPSS, Senate David Mitsuo Nixon
Graduate School Council John Slattery
Harborview, Board Meeting
Harborview, Board Educational Session
Harborview, Finance Committee
Harborview, Executive Committee
Harborview, Health Care Committee
Harborview, Joint Conference Committee
Harborview-Strategic Planning
Harborview-Facilities Ad Hoc
Health Services
History John Findlay
Immunology Christopher Wilson
Information School Michael Eisenberg
Law W. H. Knight
Mathematics Selim Tuncel
Mechanical Engineering William R. D. Wilson
Medical Education Frederic Wolf
Medical History and Ethics Wylie Burke
Microbiology James J. Champoux
Music Robin McCabe
Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations Michael Williams
Nursing, APT Committee Nancy Hooyman
Nursing, Ad Hoc Committee Nancy Hooyman
Nursing, Deans and Chairs Nancy Hooyman
Nursing, Department Faculty Nancy Hooyman
Nursing, Faculty Council Nancy Hooyman
Oceanography Bruce Frost
Orthodontics Gregory J. King
Pathobiology Kenneth Stuart
Pediatric Dentistry Joel Berg
Pediatrics F. Bruder Stapleton
Periodontics Murray R. Robinovitch
Pharmacy, Faculty Danny D. Shen
Pharmacy, Curriculum Valerie Daggett
Philosophy Kenneth Clatterbaugh
Physiology and Biophysics Stan Froehner
Physics David G. Boulware
Prosthodontics L. Brian Toolson
Psychiatry, Advisory Richard Veith
Psychiatry, Faculty Peter Roy Byrne
Psychiatry, CHRMC Elizabeth McCauley
Public Health, Executive Patricia Wahl
Restorative Dentistry Richard McCoy
Robinson Center for Young Scholars Kathleen Noble
Scandinavian Studies Terje Leiren
Sociology Robert Crutchfield
Spanish and Portuguese Studies Anthony Geist
Speech and Hearing Sciences Carol Stoel-Gammon
Statistics Peter Guttorp
Tacoma, Building and Facility Use Charles Lord
Tacoma, Business Patricia M. Fandt
Tacoma, IAS
Tacoma, Nursing Marjorie Dubratz
Tacoma, Review and Approval Jack Nelson
Tacoma, Social Work Marcie Lazzari
Women's Studies Judith Howard

[These schedules are available for public inspection at the following address: Public Records Office, University of Washington, 4014 University Way N.E., Box 355502, Seattle, WA 98105-6203].
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