WSR 03-13-023



[ Filed June 9, 2003, 3:14 p.m. ]



JULY 2003

97-11-002 Driver responsibility Procedural rules regarding the revocation and restoration of driving privileges of those forced to be an habitual traffic offender under chapter 46.65 RCW, including rules regarding the right to a hearing.
97-15-037 Vehicle dealers Change in vehicle dealer temporary permit requirements.
99-12-018 Master licensing Chapter 308-87 WAC, Limousine carrier businesses.
99-18-126 Title and registration Chapter 308-57 WAC, Motor vehicle excise tax.
99-18-010 Fuel tax Chapter 308-97 WAC, Trip permits.
00-08-067 Master licensing Chapter 308-300 WAC, Consolidated licensing system; specifically WAC 308-300-010 through 308-300-200.
00-10-029 Master licensing Chapter 308-320 WAC, Commercial telephone solicitation.
01-14-089 Cosmetology Chapter 308-20 WAC, Cosmetology.
01-20-101 Timeshare Update to chapter 308-127 WAC.
01-22-061 Professional athletics Fee adjustment, chapters 36-12, 36-13, and 36-14 WAC.
01-24-057 Landscape architects WAC 308-13-150 Landscape architects fee adjustment.
02-10-079 Title and registration Chapter 308-99 WAC, Vehicle reciprocity, to include but not limited to WAC 308-99-040.
02-11-097 03-10-045 Title and registration Chapter 308-93 WAC, Vessel registration and certificates of title, to include but not limited to WAC 308-93-230.
02-12-096 Dealers Chapter 308-66 WAC, Motor vehicle dealers and manufacturers.
02-12-124 Prorate Chapter 308-91 WAC, Reciprocity and proration.
02-20-086 02-23-059 Private investigator Aliens to provide proof of firearms license.
03-01-006 Title and registration Chapter 308-96A WAC, to include but not limited to WAC 308-96A-530.
02-24-038 03-10-085 Cosmetology Update to chapter 308-20 WAC.
02-24-074 Auctioneers Update to chapter 308-11 WAC.
03-02-002 03-09-059 Real estate Amend WAC 308-124C-020, 308-124C-030, and 308-124B-150.
03-03-080 03-09-058 Real estate Amend WAC 308-124H-029, 308-124H-061(6).
03-03-111 Waste water Revision to chapter 196-30 WAC.
03-04-080 Geologists Chapter 308-15 WAC.
03-08-011 03-11-050 Appraisers To establish the requirement for taking the seven-hour National USPAP update course.
03-09-032 Engineers Housekeeping and implementation of chapter 18.235 RCW.
03-09-049 Real estate Handling of earnest money in real estate transactions, WAC 308-124C-010, 308-124C-020, and 308-124E-013(4).
03-11-069A Title and registration Chapter 308-88 WAC, Rental car taxation and licensing, to include, but not limited to WAC 308-88-020.
03-10-084 Cosmetologists Update to chapter 308-20 WAC.
03-12-018 Title and registration Chapter 308-57 WAC, Motor vehicle excise tax, to include but not limited to WAC 308-57-030.
03-13-018 Title and registration Chapter 308-97 WAC, Vehicle license interstate and intransit permits, to include but not limited to WAC 308-97-011, 308-97-125, and 308-97-230.

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