Permanent Rules
Filed in Register Issue 03-17

AgencyEffective Dateand TimeFiling #
Accountancy, Board of9/30/2003 9:27AM03-17-041
9/30/2003 9:28AM03-17-042
Fish and Wildlife, Department of9/7/2003 4:46PM03-17-007
9/8/2003 10:12AM03-17-008
9/14/2003 4:03PM03-17-037
Gambling Commission9/15/2003 1:58PM03-17-044
Health Care Authority9/14/2003 8:12AM03-17-031
Health, Department of12/1/2003 8:40AM03-17-093
Health, State Board of9/13/2003 9:47AM03-17-022
Labor and Industries, Department of11/1/2003 9:46AM03-17-071
Seattle Community Colleges8/28/2003 10:58AM03-16-015
Social and Health Services, Department of9/12/2003 8:05AM03-17-013
9/12/2003 8:07AM03-17-014
9/18/2003 4:34PM03-17-066
Washington State University8/30/2003 11:27AM03-16-035
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