WSR 04-01-013



[ Filed December 5, 2003, 11:40 a.m. ]

Following is the rule-making agenda for the Department of Licensing. This agenda is sent as a requirement of RCW 34.05.314.

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97-11-002 Driver Responsibility Procedural rules regarding the revocation and restoration of driving privileges of those forced to be a habitual traffic offender under chapter 46.65 RCW, including rules regarding the right to a hearing.
97-15-037 Vehicle Dealers Change in vehicle dealer temporary permit requirements.
99-12-018 Master Licensing Chapter 308-87 WAC, Limousine carrier businesses.
99-18-126 Title and Registration Chapter 308-57 WAC, Motor vehicle excise tax.
99-18-010 Fuel Tax Chapter 308-97 WAC, Trip permits.
00-08-067 Master Licensing Chapter 308-300 WAC, Consolidated licensing system; specifically WAC 308-300-010 through 308-300-200.
00-10-029 Master Licensing Chapter 308-320 WAC, Commercial telephone solicitation.
01-14-089 Cosmetology Chapter 308-20 WAC, Cosmetology.
01-20-101 Timeshare Update to chapter 308-127 WAC.
01-22-061 Professional Athletics Fee adjustment, chapters 36-12, 36-13, 36-14 WAC.
01-24-057 Landscape Architects WAC 308-13-150 Landscape architects fee adjustment.
02-10-079 Title and Registration Chapter 308-99 WAC, Vehicle reciprocity, to include but not limited to WAC 308-99-040.
02-12-096 Dealers Chapter 308-66 WAC, Motor vehicle dealers and manufacturers.
02-12-124 Prorate Chapter 308-91 WAC, Reciprocity and proration.
02-20-086 02-23-059 Private Investigator Aliens to provide proof of firearms license.
03-01-006 Title and Registration Chapter 308-96A WAC, to include but not limited to WAC 308-96A-530.
02-24-074 Auctioneers Update to chapter 308-11 WAC.
03-03-111 Waste Water Revision to chapter 196-30 WAC.
03-04-080 Geologists Chapter 308-15 WAC.
03-09-032 03-16-113 Engineers Housekeeping and implementation of chapter 18.235 RCW.
03-11-069A 03-20-069 Title and Registration Chapter 308-88 WAC, Rental car taxation and licensing, to include, but not limited to WAC 308-88-020.
03-10-084 Cosmetologists Update to chapter 308-20 WAC.
03-12-018 Title and Registration Chapter 308-57 WAC, Motor vehicle excise tax, to include but not limited to 308-57-030.
03-13-018 03-19-007 Title and Registration Chapter 308-97 WAC, Vehicle license interstate and intransit permits, to include but not limited to WAC 308-97-011, 308-97-125, 308-97-230.
03-13-012 03-16-113 Engineers Amending chapter 196-23 WAC, eliminating WAC 196-23-070(e).
03-14-047 Sellers of Travel Fee adjustment to WAC 308-129-110.
03-14-021 Title and Registration Chapter 308-96A WAC, to include but not limited to WAC 308-96A-026, 308-96A-099, 308-96A-136.
03-14-022 Title and Registration Chapter 308-56A WAC, to include but not limited to WAC 308-56A-150, 308-56A-160, 308-56A-210, 308-56A-455, 308-56A-460.
03-15-002 03-20-067 Bail Bond Regarding the expiration date of original bail bond agent licenses.
03-14-024 03-16-113 Land Surveying Amending chapter 196-27A WAC.
03-17-069 UCC Amend various rules in chapter 308-390 WAC pertaining to search options and fees.
03-15-108 UCC Possible adjustments to fees changed by the program WAC 308-30-100.
03-17-035 03-21-087 Fuel Tax Chapter 308-78 WAC, Aircraft fuel tax.
03-17-107 Title and Registration Chapter 308-96A WAC, to include but not limited to WAC 308-96A-021.
03-17-026 Cosmetology Fee adjustment to chapter 308-20 WAC, regulating cosmetologist, barber, manicurist, and esthetician professions.
03-17-027 Court Reporters Fee adjustment to chapter 308-14 WAC, regulating court reporters.
03-17-028 Auctioneers Fee adjustment to chapter 308-11 WAC, regulating auctioneers.
03-17-029 Camping Resorts Fee adjustment to chapter 308-420 WAC, regulating camping resorts.
03-17-030 Timeshare Fee adjustment to chapter 308-127 WAC, regulating timeshares.
03-17-036 Dealers Filing fee to be submitted by a licensed motorcycle dealer when initiating a protest against the manufacturer for violations of chapter 46.94 RCW.
03-16-006 Collection Agency Possible adjustment of fees charged by the collection agency program.
00-15-013 03-16-112 Engineers Chapter 196-09 WAC, Board practices and procedures.
03-20-033 Landscape Architect Amendment to WAC 308-13-150 Landscape architect fees.
03-20-068 Title and Registration Chapter 308-56A WAC, to include but not limited to WAC 308-56A-500 Definitions.
03-20-064 Security Guard Change fees for private security guards and private security guard company application and renewal fees.
03-20-065 Bail Bond Agent Change fees for bail bond agents and bail bond agency company application and renewal fees.
03-20-066 Private Investigator Change fees for private investigator and private investigator company application and renewal fees.
03-21-016 Real Estate Amend WAC 308-124C-030.
03-21-017 Real Estate Amend WAC 308-124C-030 and 308-124D-030.
03-21-018 Real Estate Amend WAC 308-124A-110(3).
03-21-063 Court Reporters Update to chapter 308-14 WAC.
03-22-043 Title and Registration WAC 308-56A-450, 308-56A-150.
03-22-041 Appraisers Incorporation by reference of the 2004 edition of the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice, the generally recognized standards of real estate appraisal.
03-23-003 Geologist Chapter 308-15 WAC, Geologist licensing services.
02-05-017 03-23-100 Title and Registration Title 308 WAC, Certificate of title -- Motor vehicles, etc.
03-22-059 Employment Agency Possible adjustments to fees charged by the employment agency program.
03-24-054 Title and Registration WAC 308-56A-030, 308-56A-040.

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