WSR 04-10-099



(Economic Services Administration)

[ Filed May 4, 2004, 3:27 p.m. ]

Original Notice.

Preproposal statement of inquiry was filed as WSR 03-03-007 on January 6, 2003.

Title of Rule: WAC 388-400-0005, 388-400-0010, 388-400-0025, 388-400-0040, 388-438-0110, 388-450-0100, 388-450-0106, 388-450-0116, 388-450-0156, 388-462-0020, 388-505-0210, 388-532-720, and 388-800-0048. See Explanation of Rule below for a list of WAC captions.

Purpose: These rule changes are necessary to update cross references to conform to proposed changes in citizenship and alien status WAC, including the proposed repeal of WAC 388-424-0005.

Statutory Authority for Adoption: RCW 74.04.050, 74.04.055, 74.04.057, 74.08.090.

Statute Being Implemented: RCW 74.04.050, 74.04.055, 74.04.057.

Summary: These rule changes conform to proposed changes in citizenship and alien status WAC, including the proposed repeal of WAC 388-424-0005.

Reasons Supporting Proposal: The proposed repeal of WAC 388-424-005, proposed amendment of WAC 388-424-0010, 388-424-0015, 388-424-0020, and 388-424-0025, and proposed new WAC 388-424-0001, 388-424-0006, 388-424-0007, 388-424-0008, 388-424-0009, and 388-424-0016, necessitate changes in cross-referenced WAC.

Name of Agency Personnel Responsible for Drafting, Implementation and Enforcement: Tom Berry, 1009 College S.E., Lacey, WA 98504, (360) 413-3102.

Name of Proponent: Department of Social and Health Services, governmental.

Rule is not necessitated by federal law, federal or state court decision.

Explanation of Rule, its Purpose, and Anticipated Effects: Rule: The following WAC are amended: WAC 388-400-0005 Who is eligible for temporary assistance for needy families?, 388-400-0010 Who is eligible for state family assistance?, 388-400-0025 General assistance unemployable--General eligibility requirements, 388-400-0040 Am I eligible for benefits through the Washington Basic Food program?, 388-438-0110 The alien emergency medical (AEM) program, 388-450-0100 Allocating income--Definitions, 388-450-0106 How does the department count my income if someone in my family cannot get assistance because of their alien status?, 388-450-0116 How does the department count my income if I cannot get assistance because I am an alien?, 388-450-0156 When am I exempt from deeming?, 388-462-0020 Breast and cervical cancer treatment program (BCCTP) for women--Client eligibility, 388-505-0210 Children's medical eligibility, 388-532-720 TAKE CHARGE--Client eligibility, and 388-800-0048 Who is eligible for ADATSA?

Purpose and Effect: See Purpose, Summary, and Reasons Supporting Proposal above.

Proposal Changes the Following Existing Rules: See Purpose, Summary, and Reasons Supporting Proposal above.

No small business economic impact statement has been prepared under chapter 19.85 RCW. This proposed rule does not have an economic impact on small businesses, it only affects DSHS clients.

RCW 34.05.328 does not apply to this rule adoption. These amendments are exempt as allowed under RCW 34.05.328 (5)(b)(vii) which states in-part, "[t]his section does not apply to...rules of the department of social and health services relating only to client medical or financial eligibility and rules concerning liability for care of dependents."

Hearing Location: Blake Office Park (behind Goodyear Courtesy Tire), 4500 10th Avenue S.E., Rose Room, Lacey, WA 98503, on June 22, 2004, at 10:00 am.

Assistance for Persons with Disabilities: Contact Andy Fernando, DSHS Rules Coordinator, by June 17, 2004, phone (360) 664-6094, TTY (360) 664-6178, e-mail

Submit Written Comments to: Identify WAC Numbers, DSHS Rules Coordinator, Rules and Policies Assistance Unit, mail to P.O. Box 45850, Olympia, WA 98504-5850, deliver to 4500 10th Avenue S.E., Lacey, WA, fax (360) 664-6185, e-mail, by 5:00 p.m., June 22, 2004.

Date of Intended Adoption: Not earlier than June 23, 2004.

April 30, 2004

Brian H. Lindgren, Manager

Rules and Policies Assistance Unit

Reviser's note: The material contained in this filing exceeded the page-count limitations of WAC 1-21-040 for appearance in this issue of the Register. It will appear in the 04-11 issue of the Register.

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