WSR 04-11-102



(Interagency Committee for Outdoor Recreation)

[ Memorandum -- May 18, 2004 ]

After reviewing various options to use meeting time efficiently and to maintain a quorum for the May IAC meeting, IAC Chair Val Ogden has asked our office to notify interested parties of a change in the meeting's format. Revised staff recommendations for IAC consideration at the session are presented below.

TIME AND PLACE: The meeting will be held at the time and place previously announced, 10 a.m., Friday, May 21, 2004, Room 172 of the Natural Resources Building, Olympia, Washington. Several IAC board members will participate by telephone conference call. The meeting is now scheduled to end not later than 11 a.m.

AGENDA: As indicated in the previously published agenda, the IAC board will review and act on consent calendar items. In the interest of time, agenda item #2 (management reports) will not be presented although staff will be available to respond to questions. The primary item of business will be agenda item #3, to receive and act on recommendations regarding the Thurston County ORV sports park.

PUBLIC PARTICIPATION: Brief written or in-person comments will be accepted. There will be a speakerphone in the meeting room at the Natural Resources Building, open for all to listen. Persons can fill out a regular testimony card so the chair will be aware if someone wants to testify from this location. Written comments are encouraged and will be accepted through May 20, 2004. (To ensure materials can be copied and transmitted to IAC board members, written materials should be in the IAC office by not later than noon on May 20th.)

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