WSR 04-15-008





[ Filed July 7, 2004, 4:15 p.m. ]


Interagency Committee for Outdoor Recreation (IAC) -

Salmon Recovery Funding Board (SRFB)

To comply with RCW 34.05.314, IAC/SRFB has prepared the following agenda for rules under development. As required, filing will be made with the Code Reviser for publication in the State Register by January 31 and July 31 each year. Within three days of publication, IAC/SRFB will provide copies to each person so requesting, the director of the Office of Financial Management, the rules review committee, and other state agencies that may reasonably be expected to have an interest in this subject.

Contact: Greg Lovelady, Rules Coordinator, (360) 902-3008, GregL@IAC.WA.GOV.

Subject of possible

rule making

Reasons why rules on this subject may be needed and what might be accomplished
WAC 286-26-100 NOVA program 1. Planning -- Extend period for which qualifying plans provide eligibility to federal agencies to coincide with established federal planning cycles.
2. Project eligibility -- Link eligible projects to the nonhighway road funding source while clarifying the types of projects that are eligible by further defining "nonhighway road," "nonhighway road recreation facilities" and "nonmotorized recreation facilities."
3. Advisory committee -- Link the definition to that specified in RCW 46.09.280.
4. Definition -- Clarify that an ORV Sport Park (and not a trail) includes "...competition sites for... ORVs...."
5. Planning requirements -- Revise to exclude education-enforcement and maintenance applicants, in accord with the 2002 NOVA plan.
6. Acquisition projects -- Revise to place the following under two separate subsections: "fee and perpetual easements" and "lease, less than fee, and nonperpetual easements." Reduce minimum land acquisition lease period for consistency with the recently adopted NOVA plan.
7. Development projects -- Provide an alternative to the IAC-federal agency agreement by allowing substitution of IAC's "general provisions" of the project agreement.
WAC 286-13-085(2) Retroactive and increased costs. Authorizes IAC's director to grant a waiver of retroactivity (provides approval to incur reimbursable costs) for development costs when state budget office directives suspend or otherwise delay grant program funding. Without this amendment, the standard rule prohibits reimbursement for certain expenditures or costs incurred without prior IAC approval.
Title 286 WAC, Aquatic lands enhancement account program 1. Establish basic rules for IAC's new aquatic lands enhancement account grants program, including: Eligibility, long-term recipient obligations, conversions, matching resources, and funding caps/limits.
2. Add relevant definitions.

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