WSR 05-12-121



[ Filed June 1, 2005, 8:26 a.m. ]

Following is the rule-making agenda for the Department of Licensing. This agenda is sent to you as a requirement of RCW 34.05.314.

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JULY 2005

97-11-002 Driver Responsibility Procedural rules regarding the revocation and restoration of driving privileges of those forced to be an habitual traffic offender under chapter 46.65 RCW, including rules regarding the right to a hearing.
97-15-037 Vehicle Dealers Change in vehicle dealer temporary permit requirements.
99-12-018 Master Licensing Chapter 308-87 WAC, Limousine carrier businesses.
99-18-126 Title and Registration Chapter 308-57 WAC, Motor vehicle excise tax.
99-18-010 Fuel Tax Chapter 308-97 WAC, Trip permits.
00-08-067 Master Licensing Chapter 308-300 WAC, Consolidated licensing system; specifically WAC 308-300-010 through 308-300-200.
00-10-029 Master Licensing Chapter 308-320 WAC, Commercial telephone solicitation.
01-14-089 Cosmetology Chapter 308-20 WAC, Cosmetology.
01-20-101 Timeshare Update to chapter 308-127 WAC.
01-22-061 Professional Athletics Fee adjustment, chapters 36-12, 36-13, 36-14 WAC.
01-24-057 Landscape Architects WAC 308-13-150 Landscape architects fee adjustment.
02-12-124 Prorate Chapter 308-91 WAC, Reciprocity and proration.
02-20-086 02-23-059 Private Investigator Aliens to provide proof of firearms license.
03-01-006 Title and Registration Chapter 308-96A WAC, to include but not limited to WAC 308-96A-530.
02-24-074 Auctioneers Update to chapter 308-11 WAC.
03-03-111 Waste Water Revision to chapter 196-30 WAC.
03-12-018 Title and Registration Chapter 308-57 WAC, Motor vehicle excise tax, to include but not limited to WAC 308-57-030.
03-14-024 03-16-113 Land Surveying Amending chapter 196-27A WAC.
03-15-108 UCC Possible adjustments to fees changed by the program, WAC 308-30-100.
03-17-026 Cosmetology Fee adjustment to chapter 308-20 WAC, regulating cosmetologist, barber, manicurist, and esthetician professions.
03-17-029 Camping Resorts Fee adjustment to chapter 308-420 WAC, regulating camping resorts.
03-17-036 Dealers Filing fee to be submitted by a licensed motorcycle dealer when initiating a protest against the manufacturer for violations of chapter 46.94 RCW.
03-20-065 Bail Bond Agent Change fees for ail [bail] bond agents and bail bond agency company application and renewal fees.
03-22-043 Title and Registration WAC 308-56A-450, [308-56A-]150.
03-22-059 Employment Agency Possible adjustments to fees charged by the employment agency program.
04-01-121 04-05-097 Camping Resorts Update to chapter 308-420 WAC.
04-01-122 04-05-098 Timeshares Update to chapter 308-127 WAC.
04-01-161 Title and Registration Chapter 308-56A WAC, to include but not limited to WAC 308-56A-525.
04-03-002 Title and Registration Chapter 308-96A WAC, to include but not limited to WAC 308-96A-005.
04-07-054 Title and Registration Chapter 308-93 WAC, to include but not limited to WAC 308-93-030, [308-93-]050.
04-09-031 Title and Registration Chapter 308-96A WAC, to include but not limited to a new rule in WAC 308-96A-077.
04-10-011 Engineers Chapter 196-23 WAC, Stamping and seals, chapter 196-26A WAC, Registered engineer and land surveyor fees.
04-12-010 Title and Registration Chapter 308-61 WAC, Wreckers, to include but not limited to WAC 308-61-135.
04-11-104 05-01-227 Dealers Chapter 308-63 WAC, Wreckers.
04-11-106 05-01-226 Dealers WAC 308-56A-405, [308-56A-]410, [308-56A-]415, [308-56A-]420.
04-15-050 Waste Water Chapter 196-09 WAC.
04-15-079 Engineers Chapter 196-26A WAC.
04-16-116 Cosmetology Update to chapter 308-20 WAC due to chapter 51, Laws of 2004.
03-09-032 04-24-001 Engineers Chapter 196-25 WAC, Business practices.
04-24-003 Security Guard Fee increase for security guard program.
05-01-143 Wastewater Title 196 WAC.
04-17-064 Title and Registration WAC 308-56A-500, [308-56A-]530.
05-04-106 Funeral WAC 308-48-810, [308-48-]820, [308-48-]830.
05-04-102 Cemeteries Title 98 WAC new, brief adjudicative proceedings.
05-07-044 Dealers WAC 308-66-110, [308-66-]155, [308-66-]157, [308-66-]190.
05-07-070 Dealers WAC 308-90-120.
05-07-071 Dealers WAC 308-66-180.
05-08-096 Title WAC 308-96A-026 (expedited).
05-07-128 05-11-099 Commercial Driving Schools Chapter 308-108 WAC.
05-09-017 Landscape Architect WAC 308-13-150 Fees.
05-08-001 Dealers Chapter 308-08 WAC, Brief adjudicative proceedings.
05-08-004 Dealers WAC 308-66-160 Dealers and manufacturers license plates.
05-09-028 Notary WAC 308-30-100 Fees.
05-10-067 Title Chapter 308-56A WAC.
05-10-077 Title Chapters 308-96A and [308-]56A WAC.
05-11-012 Landscape Architect WAC 308-13-020, [308-13-]024, [308-13-]100.
05-11-104 Title Chapters 308-56A, 308-96A WAC, Implementing 2SSB 5916.
05-11-105 Title Chapters 308-56A, 308-96A WAC, Implementing ESSB 6103.

Walt Fahrer

Rules Coordinator

Washington State Code Reviser's Office