WSR 05-13-051



[ Filed June 9, 2005, 1:32 p.m. ]

The department is withdrawing the CR-102, notice of proposed rule making, for WAC 246-310-261 and 246-310-262, which was filed November 22, 2004, and published as WSR 04-24-017. WSR 04-24-017 was a continuance for WSR 04-11-099, which was filed May 19, 2004. The department continued the proposal to review the large volume of public comment, new literature being published and to await the new American College on Cardiology guidelines.

The original proposal was intended to reduce many regulatory requirements prohibiting the establishment of heart surgery and interventional cardiology programs and to increase access to those services while maintaining high quality programs. Since the filing of WSR 04-24-017, the American College on Cardiology has not published new guidelines and the science regarding interventional cardiology is still evolving. Additionally, during the 2005 legislative session, the legislature passed E2SHB 1688, which requires a study of the certificate of need approach used in Washington. While the study will not specifically review these proposed rules, the outcome of the study will likely impact the future of Washington's certificate of need program. For these reasons, the department is withdrawing the CR-102 for WAC 246-310-261 and 246-310-262.

Individuals seeking information on this rule should contact Gary Bennett, Director, Facilities and Services Licensing, at (360) 236-2900.

M. C. Selecky


Washington State Code Reviser's Office