WSR 05-20-015


[ Filed September 26, 2005, 2:45 p.m. ]



The Washington Attorney General issues formal published opinions in response to requests by the heads of state agencies, state legislators, and county prosecuting attorneys. When it appears that individuals outside the Attorney General's Office have information or expertise that will assist in the preparation of a particular opinion, a summary of that opinion request will be published in the state register. If you are interested in commenting on a request listed in this volume of the register, you should notify the Attorney General's Office of your interest by October 26, 2005. This is not the due date by which comments must be received. However, if you do not notify the Attorney General's Office of your interest in commenting on an opinion request by this date, the opinion may be issued before your comments have been received. You may notify the Attorney General's Office of your intention to comment by calling (360) 664-3027, or by writing to the Solicitor General, Office of the Attorney General, P.O. Box 40100, Olympia, WA 98504-0100. When you notify the office of your intention to comment, you will be provided with a copy of the opinion request in which you are interested; information about the Attorney General's Opinion process; information on how to submit your comments; and a due date by which your comments must be received to ensure that they are fully considered.

The Attorney General's Office seeks public input on the following opinion request(s).

05-09-04 Request by Tim Sheldon & Bill Eickmeyer
State Senator & State Representative, 35th District

1. Are funds appropriated through section 116(2) of the 2005-07 operation budget (ESSB 6090), which are "solely for one-time corrective actions to address Hood Canal's dissolved oxygen problems," subject to the joint coordination, consent, and co-management provisions of ESHB 2097?

2. Must the Hood Canal Coordinating Council contract directly with its co-manager, the Puget Sound Action Team, for its share of the implementation funding under ESSB 6090, section 116(6), or can the Hood Canal Coordinating Council contract directly wit the Office of Financial Management (OFM) or another entity within the Office of the Governor in order to receive state funding?

Reviser's note: The typographical error in the above material occurred in the copy filed by the Attorney General's Office and appears in the Register pursuant to the requirements of RCW 34.08.040.

Washington State Code Reviser's Office