WSR 06-13-092




[ Filed June 20, 2006, 2:43 p.m. ]

The Washington utilities and transportation commission submits its semi-annual report rule development agenda for publication in the Washington state register pursuant to RCW 34.05.314.

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Semi-annual Rules Development Agenda

(July 1, 2006 - December 31, 2006)

This report is the utilities and transportation commission's semi-annual report rule development agenda for publication in the Washington state register pursuant to RCW 34.05.314.

Additional rule-making activity not on the agenda may be undertaken to meet conditions not now anticipated.

Dates that are in "bold" print, indicate that filing has occurred. All other dates are projected. The commission maintains a schedule of rule-making activity that is updated several times per month. See <>.





CR-101 CR-102 CR-103 HEARING
Chapters 480-108, 480-100 WAC Public Utility Regulatory Policies Act standard (PURPA) compliance rule making Dick Byers


(360) 664-1209

6/7/06 12/6/06 1/24/07 Examine whether new or modified regulations are needed to govern aspects of investor-owned electric utility operations for which new federal standards are included in the Energy Policy Act of 2005. These new federal standards address: (1) Net-metering, (2) fuel sources, (3) fossil fuel generation efficiency, (4) smart metering, and (5) interconnection.
Chapter 480-30 WAC Bus rules on rate making Penny Hansen


(360) 664-1242

2/15/06 10/4/06 12/13/06 Consider whether the commission should propose rules relating to rates (fares) and rate making for passenger transportation companies.
"999" Sections in various chapters of Title 480 WAC Adoption by reference

expedited rule making

Sharyn Bate

Telecom Section

(360) 664-1295

N/A CR-105


N/A Update the citations to material that is incorporated by reference.
Chapters 480-80, 480-120, 480-121 WAC Price list elimination rule making Tom Wilson

Telecom Section

(360) 664-1282

5/3/06 7/26/06 9/13/06 Consider changes to rules relating to price lists in light of SSB 6473, which eliminates the requirement that telecommunications companies file price lists.
Chapters 480-93, 480-75


Pipeline safety rules Ilyne Lawson

Pipeline Safety

(360) 664-1302

7/5/06 1/24/07 3/28/07 Review of rules in chapter 480-93 WAC, Gas safety rules and chapter 480-75 WAC, Hazardous liquid safety rules.
WAC 480-120-071 Telecom line extension rule making Wilford Saunders

(360) 664-1245

9/6/06 7/25/07 9/12/07 Consider standards for line extensions to unserved areas.
Chapter 480-15 WAC Household goods rules Steve King

(360) 664-1115

11/22/06 9/12/07 11/7/07 Review of rules in chapter 480-15 WAC.
Chapter 480-110 WAC Water company rate design Gene Eckhardt

(360) 664-1249

8/23/06 11/1/06 1/15/07 Consider requiring companies to adopt a "0 allowance" rate design.

Carole J. Washburn

Executive Secretary

Washington State Code Reviser's Office