WSR 06-14-009



[ Filed June 22, 2006, 1:33 p.m. ]

During the 2006 legislative session, E2SSB 3098 transferred a number of responsibilities from the state board of education to the office of the superintendent of public instruction. Please recodify the following sections and chapter as follows:

Chapter 180-22 WAC, Educational service districts, recodifed as chapter 392-107 WAC.

Chapter 180-39 WAC, Pupils uniform entry qualifications, recodified as chapter 392-335 WAC.

Chapter 180-40 WAC, Pupils, recodified as chapter 392-400 WAC.

Chapter 180-46 WAC, Library media centers, recodified as chapter 392-204 WAC.

Chapter 180-50 WAC, Courses of study and equivalencies, recodified as chapter 392-410 WAC.

The following sections in chapter 180-51 WAC are recodified as follows:

WAC 180-51-085 Physical education requirement -- Excuse, recodified as WAC 392-410-136.

WAC 180-51-100 Temporary exemption from course and credit requirement, recodified as WAC 392-410-117.

WAC 180-51-105 Exceptions to graduation requirements for former education center students, recodified as WAC 392-410-330.

WAC 180-51-110 Equivalency credit for alternative learning experiences, nonhigh school courses, electronically mediated courses, work experience, and challenges, recodified as WAC 392-410-340.

WAC 180-51-120 Washington National Guard youth challenge program -- Course content -- Credits, recodified as WAC 392-410-327.

The following sections in chapter 180-52 WAC are recodified as follows with the chapter renamed Pupil testing and recordkeeping -- Requirements -- Parent rights:

WAC 180-52-015 Pupil tests and records -- Authority, recodified as WAC 392-500-015.

WAC 180-52-020 Pupil tests and records -- Tests -- School district policy in writing, recodified as WAC 392-500-020.

WAC 180-52-025 Pupil tests and records -- Pupil personnel records -- School district policy in writing, recodified as WAC 392-500-025.

WAC 180-52-030 Pupil tests and records -- Certain tests, questionnaires, etc. -- Limitations, recodified as WAC 392-500-030.

WAC 180-52-035 Pupil tests and records -- Diagnostic personality tests -- Parental permission required, recodified as WAC 392-500-035.

The following sections in chapter 180-95 WAC are recodified as follows:

WAC 180-95-005 Purpose, recodified as WAC 392-185-305.

WAC 180-95-010 Definitions, recodified as WAC 392-185-310.

WAC 180-95-020 Criteria for certification of education centers, recodified as WAC 392-185-320.

WAC 180-95-030 Application procedures for certification as an education center, recodified as WAC 392-185-330.

WAC 180-95-040 Length of certification, recodified as WAC 392-185-340.

WAC 180-95-050 Withdrawal of certification as an education center, recodified as WAC 392-185-350.

WAC 180-95-060 Fee revision -- Appeal procedure, recodified as WAC 392-185-360.

WAC 180-95-070 Additional rules, recodified as WAC 392-185-370.

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