WSR 06-15-099



[ Order 460 -- Filed July 17, 2006, 11:04 a.m. , effective August 17, 2006 ]

Effective Date of Rule: Thirty-one days after filing.

Purpose: Currently, cash, checks and electronic point-of-sale bank transfers (debit cards) are authorized as payment methods to participate in gambling activities. This amendment authorizes gift certificates and gift cards as authorized forms of payment to participate in gambling activities.

Citation of Existing Rules Affected by this Order: Amending WAC 230-12-050.

Statutory Authority for Adoption: RCW 9.46.070.

Adopted under notice filed as WSR 06-07-115 on March 17, 2006, with a published date of April 25, 2006.

Number of Sections Adopted in Order to Comply with Federal Statute: New 0, Amended 0, Repealed 0; Federal Rules or Standards: New 0, Amended 0, Repealed 0; or Recently Enacted State Statutes: New 0, Amended 0, Repealed 0.

Number of Sections Adopted at Request of a Nongovernmental Entity: New 0, Amended 0, Repealed 0.

Number of Sections Adopted on the Agency's Own Initiative: New 0, Amended 1, Repealed 0.

Number of Sections Adopted in Order to Clarify, Streamline, or Reform Agency Procedures: New 0, Amended 1, Repealed 0.

Number of Sections Adopted Using Negotiated Rule Making: New 0, Amended 0, Repealed 0; Pilot Rule Making: New 0, Amended 0, Repealed 0; or Other Alternative Rule Making: New 0, Amended 1, Repealed 0.

Date Adopted: July 14, 2006.

Susan Arland

Rules Coordinator


AMENDATORY SECTION(Amending Order 425, filed 10/13/03, effective 1/1/04)

WAC 230-12-050   Extension of credit, loans, or gifts prohibited -- Limited exception.   No licensee, member or employee thereof shall extend credit, make a loan, or grant a gift to any person playing in an authorized gambling activity, or which enables a person to play in an authorized gambling activity.

Gifts prohibited -- Exceptions.

(1) Gifts are items licensees give away to its customers and are not connected to gambling activities regulated by the commission. Licensees shall not offer gifts in conjunction with gambling activities, with the following exceptions:

(a) Promotions are allowed as authorized by WAC 230-12-045;

(b) Transportation services provided to and from gambling activities;

(c) Free or discounted food, drink or merchandise may be provided under the following conditions:

(i) The actual cost of any individual item may not exceed five hundred dollars;

(ii) The merchandise shall not be traded back to the licensee for cash or be used to further participate in an authorized gambling activity;

(d) For each individual gift with an actual cost over one hundred dollars, charitable and nonprofit organizations shall prepare and maintain a written record with the following information:

(i) How the recipients of the gifts were selected;

(ii) The number of gifts awarded; and

(iii) The total cost of each gift given.

Credit and loans prohibited -- Exceptions.

(2) The consideration required to participate in the gambling activity shall be collected in full, by cash, check, ((or)) electronic point-of-sale bank transfer, gift certificate, or gift card, prior to participation, with the following exceptions:

Punch boards/pull-tabs.

(a) The consideration paid for the opportunity to play a punch board or pull-tab series may be collected immediately after the play is completed only when such consideration is ten dollars or less;

Charitable/nonprofit organization's billing system for members.

(b) When a bona fide charitable or bona fide nonprofit organization conducting any of the activities authorized by chapter 9.46 RCW or commission rules has a regular billing system for all of the activities of its members with such organization, such billing system may be utilized in connection with the playing of any of the activities authorized hereunder if:

(i) The playing of such activity is limited to regular members of such organization who have become regular members prior to the commencement of such activity and whose qualifications for membership were not dependent upon, or in any way related to, the playing of such activity; and

(ii) The director has given prior written consent to the use of such billing system in connection with the conduct of activities authorized under these rules.

Raffle tickets purchased with credit cards.

(c) Charitable or nonprofit organizations utilizing credit cards, issued by a state and/or federally regulated financial institution, for payment to participate in raffles.

[Statutory Authority: RCW 9.46.070. 03-21-065 (Order 425), 230-12-050, filed 10/13/03, effective 1/1/04; 02-11-084 (Order 413), 230-12-050, filed 5/16/02, effective 7/1/02; 00-09-052 (Order 383), 230-12-050, filed 4/14/00, effective 5/15/00; 00-07-140 (Order 381), 230-12-050, filed 3/22/00, effective 7/1/00. Statutory Authority: RCW 9.46.070, 9.46.0209, 9.46.0237, 9.46.0205 and 9.46.075. 96-24-008 (Order 303), 230-12-050, filed 11/21/96, effective 12/22/96. Statutory Authority: RCW 9.46.070. 94-13-099 (Order 253), 230-12-050, filed 6/15/94, effective 7/16/94. Statutory Authority: RCW 9.46.070 (11), (14) and 9.46.0218 [9.46.0281]. 89-05-024 (Order 186), 230-12-050, filed 2/13/89; Order 51, 230-12-050, filed 4/30/76; Order 15, 230-12-050, filed 4/17/74; Order 5, 230-12-050, filed 12/19/73.]

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