WSR 06-21-049



(Office of Drinking Water)

[ Filed October 12, 2006, 4:24 p.m. ]

Rescinding Outdated Policies

The department of health, office of drinking water, periodically examines its policies and consistency statements to determine if they accurately reflect our approach in implementing a program. With the creation of various new guidance documents, amendments to Washington Administrative Code, and changes in our approach to selected programs, the office of drinking water has elected to rescind the policies listed below because they are outdated in content and format.

Policy Title ID Effective Date
Management of Publications A.04 11/9/93
Computerized Data Requests A.05 7/30/92
Water System and On-Site Waste Disposal Construction Report Follow-up D.02 9/12/84
Review of Plans and Specifications for Public Water System Projects D.04 12/11/84
Well Site Inspection Form E.07 9/12/84
Mt. Baker Silo Reservoirs G.01 9/12/84
Electrical Service Disconnection K.01 4/12/96
Drinking Water Data Integrity and Quality Assurance N.02 4/17/98

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Denise A. Clifford


Washington State Code Reviser's Office