WSR 06-21-113



(Interagency Committee for Outdoor Recreation)

[ Memorandum -- October 16, 2006 ]

The interagency committee for outdoor recreation (IAC) will hold a special meeting on Friday, October 27, 2006, beginning at 10:30 a.m. This meeting will be held in Olympia in Hearing Room B, John L. O'Brien Building on the capitol campus.

The purpose of the special meeting is to clarify the order of the seven projects transferred from the Urban Wildlife Habitat, Critical Habitat, and Natural Areas categories to the Riparian Protection category of WWRP by the IAC at its September 21 and 22, 2006, regular meeting.

If you plan to participate or have materials for committee review, please submit information to the IAC office no later than October 24, 2006. This will allow for distribution to committee members in a timely fashion.

Parking is limited at the meeting location due to construction but parking is available in the Natural Resources Building visitors' parking lot which is a couple of blocks from the meeting location.

Once finalized, the briefing information will be posted on the IAC web site at

IAC public meetings are held in locations accessible to people with disabilities. Arrangements for individuals with hearing or visual impairments can be provided by contacting IAC by October 25, 2006, at (360) 902-2637 or TDD (360) 902-1996.

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