WSR 07-23-087



[ Order 619 -- Filed November 20, 2007, 10:12 a.m. , effective January 1, 2008 ]

Effective Date of Rule: January 1, 2008.

Purpose: The gambling commission is rewriting its rules manual using plain English techniques. We anticipate the project will be completed by January 1, 2008. The rules manual is being broken into sections and rewritten a section at a time. This filing repeals our current rules manual to make way for the new plain talk rules manual.

Statutory Authority for Adoption: RCW 9.46.070.

Adopted under notice filed as WSR 07-19-076 on September 17, 2007, and published October 3, 2007.

Number of Sections Adopted in Order to Comply with Federal Statute: New 0, Amended 0, Repealed 0; Federal Rules or Standards: New 0, Amended 0, Repealed 0; or Recently Enacted State Statutes: New 0, Amended 0, Repealed 0.

Number of Sections Adopted at Request of a Nongovernmental Entity: New 0, Amended 0, Repealed 0.

Number of Sections Adopted on the Agency's Own Initiative: New 0, Amended 0, Repealed 429.

Number of Sections Adopted in Order to Clarify, Streamline, or Reform Agency Procedures: New 0, Amended 0, Repealed 429.

Number of Sections Adopted Using Negotiated Rule Making: New 0, Amended 0, Repealed 429; Pilot Rule Making: New 0, Amended 0, Repealed 0; or Other Alternative Rule Making: New 0, Amended 0, Repealed 0.

Date Adopted: November 20, 2007.

Susan Arland

Rules Coordinator


     The following chapter of the Washington Administrative Code is repealed:
WAC 230-02-010 Washington state gambling commission -- Purpose and organization.
WAC 230-02-020 Time and place of meetings.
WAC 230-02-022 Cost defined.
WAC 230-02-030 Normal commission operations -- Administrative office address and business hours.
WAC 230-02-035 Field offices and operations.
WAC 230-02-040 Commission activities exempt from Environmental Protection Act.
WAC 230-02-100 Definitions.
WAC 230-02-102 Bingo occasion defined.
WAC 230-02-104 Bingo session defined.
WAC 230-02-105 Annual measurement period -- Defined.
WAC 230-02-108 Gambling proceeds defined.
WAC 230-02-109 Net win defined.
WAC 230-02-110 Gross gambling receipts defined.
WAC 230-02-120 Net gambling receipts defined.
WAC 230-02-123 Charitable or nonprofit organizations -- Net return defined.
WAC 230-02-130 Net gambling income defined.
WAC 230-02-135 Gross sales defined.
WAC 230-02-137 Excessive reserves defined.
WAC 230-02-140 Person defined.
WAC 230-02-155 Bona fide charitable organization defined.
WAC 230-02-160 Charitable defined.
WAC 230-02-161 Bona fide nonprofit organization defined.
WAC 230-02-162 Functional expenses defined.
WAC 230-02-163 Educational defined.
WAC 230-02-166 Civic defined.
WAC 230-02-169 Patriotic defined.
WAC 230-02-173 Political defined.
WAC 230-02-176 Religious defined.
WAC 230-02-179 Social defined.
WAC 230-02-182 Fraternal defined.
WAC 230-02-183 Active member defined.
WAC 230-02-185 Athletic defined.
WAC 230-02-188 Agricultural defined.
WAC 230-02-191 Agricultural fair defined.
WAC 230-02-200 Operator defined.
WAC 230-02-203 Lending agent, loan servicer, and placement agent defined.
WAC 230-02-204 Regulated lending institution defined.
WAC 230-02-205 Gambling service supplier defined.
WAC 230-02-206 Gambling service supplier representative defined.
WAC 230-02-207 Linked bingo prize provider defined.
WAC 230-02-208 Punch board and pull-tab service business defined.
WAC 230-02-210 Distributor defined.
WAC 230-02-218 Linked bingo prize provider representative defined.
WAC 230-02-220 Distributor's representative defined.
WAC 230-02-225 Manufacturer's representative defined.
WAC 230-02-230 Manufacturer defined.
WAC 230-02-240 Commercial gambling manager defined.
WAC 230-02-250 Bingo equipment.
WAC 230-02-255 Linked bingo prize defined.
WAC 230-02-260 Pull-tab defined.
WAC 230-02-270 Punch board defined.
WAC 230-02-278 Program service expenses defined.
WAC 230-02-279 Supporting service expenses defined.
WAC 230-02-280 Identification and inspection services stamps.
WAC 230-02-290 Records entry labels.
WAC 230-02-300 Substantial interest holder defined.
WAC 230-02-310 Bona fide newspaper or magazine defined.
WAC 230-02-350 Commercial stimulant defined.
WAC 230-02-360 Licensed premises defined.
WAC 230-02-370 Food and/or drink business defined.
WAC 230-02-380 Established business defined.
WAC 230-02-405 Specific authorized card games.
WAC 230-02-410 Public card room.
WAC 230-02-412 Gambling equipment defined.
WAC 230-02-415 Card room employee defined.
WAC 230-02-418 Charitable or nonprofit gambling manager defined.
WAC 230-02-420 Social card room.
WAC 230-02-430 Guest.
WAC 230-02-440 Calendar day defined.
WAC 230-02-450 Three consecutive days defined.
WAC 230-02-455 Social pastime defined.
WAC 230-02-500 Drawing defined.
WAC 230-02-503 Fund-raising defined.
WAC 230-02-504 Fund-raising event defined.
WAC 230-02-505 Recreational gaming activity -- Defined.
WAC 230-02-510 Amusement device defined.
WAC 230-02-511 Attended amusement game defined.
WAC 230-02-512 Commercial amusement game operator defined.
WAC 230-02-514 Coin or token activated amusement games defined.
WAC 230-02-515 School hours defined.
WAC 230-02-520 School-aged minors defined.


     The following chapter of the Washington Administrative Code is repealed:
WAC 230-04-005 Gambling license certification program.
WAC 230-04-010 Certification procedure -- Application forms.
WAC 230-04-020 Certification procedure -- General requirements -- Mandatory training required.
WAC 230-04-022 Certification procedure -- Information required from all applicants.
WAC 230-04-024 Bona fide charitable or nonprofit organizations -- Minimum qualifications -- Restrictions -- Definitions.
WAC 230-04-026 Ownership of a commercial gambling establishment by charitable and nonprofit organizations.
WAC 230-04-030 Commission may post public notice of license application on premises.
WAC 230-04-035 Certification procedure -- Charitable and nonprofit organizations -- Classification of purpose.
WAC 230-04-040 Certification procedure -- Charitable and nonprofit organizations -- Additional information required.
WAC 230-04-064 Certification of new licenses -- Formal commission approval.
WAC 230-04-065 Certification procedure -- Bona fide charitable and nonprofit organizations -- Lower volume -- Simplified application.
WAC 230-04-070 Activities not to be conducted without a license or permit.
WAC 230-04-075 No license required for certain bingo, raffles, and amusement games.
WAC 230-04-080 Certain activities to be operated as a commercial stimulant only -- Licensing of food and/or drink businesses.
WAC 230-04-110 Licensing of manufacturers.
WAC 230-04-115 Licensing of manufacturers -- Exception -- Special sales permit.
WAC 230-04-119 Licensing of gambling service suppliers.
WAC 230-04-120 Licensing of distributors.
WAC 230-04-124 Licensing of manufacturer, distributor, gambling service supplier, and linked bingo prize provider representatives -- Exceptions.
WAC 230-04-125 Distributor or gambling services supplier representative license -- Restrictions and procedures for changing employment.
WAC 230-04-126 Licensing of linked bingo prize providers.
WAC 230-04-133 Punch board and pull-tab service business -- Registration required -- Procedures -- Restrictions.
WAC 230-04-135 Commercial amusement games -- License required.
WAC 230-04-138 Commercial amusement games -- Authorized locations.
WAC 230-04-140 Licensing of public card room employees -- Procedures -- Exceptions.
WAC 230-04-142 Notification to the commission upon beginning, terminating, or changing employment -- Public card room employees.
WAC 230-04-143 Licensing of commercial gambling managers.
WAC 230-04-145 Licensing of charitable or nonprofit gambling managers -- Application procedures.
WAC 230-04-147 Notification to the commission upon beginning, terminating, or changing responsibilities of charitable or nonprofit gambling managers.
WAC 230-04-151 Supplemental information.
WAC 230-04-170 Applicants -- Qualifications.
WAC 230-04-175 License does not grant vested right.
WAC 230-04-180 Background checks -- Fingerprinting.
WAC 230-04-187 Recreational gaming activity -- Permit or license required.
WAC 230-04-190 Issuance of license -- Expiration -- Restrictions.
WAC 230-04-191 Permits required for persons conducting bingo at agricultural fairs.
WAC 230-04-193 Persons may obtain an annual permit to conduct bingo at agricultural fairs only.
WAC 230-04-194 Denial or revocation of annual operator permit for special locations -- Grounds and effect.
WAC 230-04-202 Fees--Bona fide charitable/nonprofit organizations.
WAC 230-04-203 Fees -- Commercial stimulant and other business organizations.
WAC 230-04-204 Fees -- Individuals.
WAC 230-04-207 House-banked card games -- Additional requirements.
WAC 230-04-210 Withdrawal of application.
WAC 230-04-220 Prorating and refunding of fees.
WAC 230-04-230 Intentionally understating anticipated revenue -- Prohibited.
WAC 230-04-240 Special investigation fee.
WAC 230-04-255 Director may issue temporary licenses -- Procedures -- Restrictions.
WAC 230-04-260 Effect of exceeding license class income limit -- Procedures -- Penalties.
WAC 230-04-270 Bad checks submitted as payment of fees.
WAC 230-04-280 Notification to law enforcement.
WAC 230-04-290 Loss or destruction of licenses or permits.
WAC 230-04-300 One annual change of premises allowed for bingo.
WAC 230-04-310 Change of name.
WAC 230-04-320 Change of location.
WAC 230-04-325 Cancellation, change of time, date, or location of fund raising event.
WAC 230-04-330 Change of management.
WAC 230-04-340 Transfer of licenses -- Conditions.
WAC 230-04-350 Death or incapacity of licensee.
WAC 230-04-400 Denial, suspension or revocation of licenses.
WAC 230-04-405 Commission will seek reimbursement for costs incurred in pursuing license revocation for failure to pay gambling taxes.
WAC 230-04-410 Return of license suspended or revoked.
WAC 230-04-450 Display of licenses.
WAC 230-04-455 Employees to wear identification tags.
WAC 230-04-500 Local gambling prohibitions.


     The following chapter of the Washington Administrative Code is repealed:
WAC 230-08-010 Monthly records.
WAC 230-08-015 Certain lower volume licensees may meet reduced recordkeeping requirements.
WAC 230-08-017 Control of gambling equipment -- Use of identification and inspection services stamps.
WAC 230-08-025 Accounting records to be maintained by distributors and manufacturers.
WAC 230-08-026 Accounting records to be maintained by gambling service suppliers.
WAC 230-08-035 Records to be maintained by linked bingo prize providers.
WAC 230-08-040 Sales invoices -- Minimum information to be recorded for transfer of gambling equipment and merchandise -- Retention -- Penalties.
WAC 230-08-060 Commercial amusement game records.
WAC 230-08-070 Raffle records.
WAC 230-08-080 Daily records -- Bingo.
WAC 230-08-095 Minimum standards for monthly and annual accounting records -- Charitable or nonprofit organizations.
WAC 230-08-105 Disposable bingo cards -- Inventory control record.
WAC 230-08-110 Prize inventory control procedures -- Records required -- Charitable or nonprofit organizations.
WAC 230-08-120 Quarterly activity report by operators of bingo games (license Class D and above).
WAC 230-08-122 Annual progress and financial report -- All nonprofit and charitable organizations.
WAC 230-08-125 Annual activity reports -- Certain activities operated by charitable or nonprofit organizations.
WAC 230-08-130 Activity reports by operators of punch boards and pull-tabs.
WAC 230-08-140 Activity reports by distributors.
WAC 230-08-150 Activity reports by manufacturers.
WAC 230-08-160 Activity reports by operators of social and public card rooms.
WAC 230-08-165 Activity reports by linked bingo prize providers.
WAC 230-08-180 Annual activity reports by commercial amusement game operators.
WAC 230-08-200 All records subject to commission audit.
WAC 230-08-250 Annual activity reports by agricultural fairs and other bona fide charitable or nonprofit organizations with special location licenses to conduct bingo, raffles, and amusement games.
WAC 230-08-255 Bona fide charitable or nonprofit organizations -- Qualification review -- Significant progress required -- Exception.
WAC 230-08-260 Fund-raising events -- Activity report required.
WAC 230-08-270 Transfer of any gambling devices requiring identification and inspection services stamps to be affixed.


     The following chapter of the Washington Administrative Code is repealed:
WAC 230-12-005 Effective dates for commission rule making orders.
WAC 230-12-010 Inspection of premises, records and devices.
WAC 230-12-020 Gambling receipts deposit required by all bona fide charitable and nonprofit organizations -- Exemptions.
WAC 230-12-027 Age limit to participate in gambling activities -- Bingo advertisements directed to minors.
WAC 230-12-030 No beer, wine or spirits as prizes.
WAC 230-12-040 No firearms as prizes -- Exceptions.
WAC 230-12-045 Gambling promotions.
WAC 230-12-050 Extension of credit, loans, or gifts prohibited -- Limited exception.
WAC 230-12-053 Acceptance of checks -- Requirements.
WAC 230-12-070 Conduct of gambling activity.
WAC 230-12-074 Sales on licensed premises only -- Exceptions.
WAC 230-12-076 Regulation of charitable and nonprofit organizations -- Assignment to regulatory groups.
WAC 230-12-078 Bona fide charitable or nonprofit organizations -- Responsibilities--Independent management control structure required.
WAC 230-12-079 Duties and responsibilities of a charitable or nonprofit gambling manager.
WAC 230-12-080 Licensee to maintain copy of commission's rules on premises.
WAC 230-12-090 Problem gambling and caution disclosure -- Advertisements and posting signs.
WAC 230-12-210 Prices charged by manufacturers, distributors and operators for goods and services not to be fixed by agreement.
WAC 230-12-223 Prohibited practices -- Leases and compensation.
WAC 230-12-225 Repair or service not to be conditioned upon exclusive supply arrangement.
WAC 230-12-230 Agreements restricting freedom to buy and sell -- Prohibited.
WAC 230-12-250 No division of territories allowed.
WAC 230-12-280 Suspension of licenses, certificates, and permits for various purposes for premises upon which violations occur.
WAC 230-12-300 Resident agent to be appointed by out-of-state licensees.
WAC 230-12-305 Licensee required to submit updated documents or information.
WAC 230-12-310 Licensees to report to the commission civil, criminal and administrative actions filed against them.
WAC 230-12-315 Request for review services -- Fees.
WAC 230-12-316 Electronic or mechanical equipment review.
WAC 230-12-335 Control of gambling equipment -- Sales and purchases by and to licensees only -- Authorized transfers of gambling equipment.
WAC 230-12-337 Manufacturers and distributors transporting and displaying gambling devices -- Trade shows and conventions.
WAC 230-12-900 Deputy director.


     The following chapter of the Washington Administrative Code is repealed:
WAC 230-20-002 Shared facilities for bingo licensees -- Separate management.
WAC 230-20-005 Shared management and facilities for bingo licensees -- Shared allocation of revenues and expenses.
WAC 230-20-010 Disclosure of prizes and rules.
WAC 230-20-015 Prize limits for raffles.
WAC 230-20-050 Use of proceeds.
WAC 230-20-055 Use of proceeds from authorized activities by charitable or nonprofit organizations.
WAC 230-20-059 Minimum cash flow requirements for bingo games--Contributions to stated purpose -- Sanctions.
WAC 230-20-065 Licensed bingo manager required on premises.
WAC 230-20-070 Regulation of managers, operators, and other employees -- Charitable or nonprofit organizations.
WAC 230-20-090 Limits on compensation paid to members or employees.
WAC 230-20-101 Income from bingo games -- Receipting required.
WAC 230-20-102 Bingo prizes -- Record of winners.
WAC 230-20-103 Bingo cards to be sold upon the premises -- Exceptions.
WAC 230-20-104 Cash register method of receipting bingo income.
WAC 230-20-105 Ticket method of receipting bingo income.
WAC 230-20-106 Electronically generated bingo card method of receipting bingo income.
WAC 230-20-107 Disposable (throwaway) bingo card method for receipting bingo income.
WAC 230-20-108 Combination receipting method of receipting bingo income -- Procedures.
WAC 230-20-115 Gift certificates.
WAC 230-20-130 Operation of bingo upon retail business -- Conditions.
WAC 230-20-170 Hours for bingo games.
WAC 230-20-192 Standards for disposable bingo cards -- Requirements and definitions.
WAC 230-20-220 Bingo operators shall not play in bingo games.
WAC 230-20-240 Bingo equipment to be used.
WAC 230-20-241 Player selection games.
WAC 230-20-242 Activities conducted as a part of bingo games -- Authorization -- Restrictions.
WAC 230-20-243 Hidden face bingo games.
WAC 230-20-244 Electronic bingo card daubers -- Definition -- Operating restrictions -- Standards.
WAC 230-20-246 Manner of conducting bingo.
WAC 230-20-247 Keno bingo--Definitions and requirements.
WAC 230-20-248 Loteria authorized -- Class A licensees only.
WAC 230-20-249 Three number speed bingo -- Operational procedures -- Restrictions.
WAC 230-20-255 Linked bingo prizes -- Approval -- Manner of conducting.
WAC 230-20-300 Control of raffle prizes.
WAC 230-20-325 Manner of conducting a raffle.
WAC 230-20-335 Members-only raffles -- Procedures -- Restrictions.
WAC 230-20-350 Licensees may join together to conduct a raffle.
WAC 230-20-360 Licensee for the conduct of bingo games at agricultural fairs shall not allow another to do so without a permit.
WAC 230-20-370 Licensees may rent equipment to conduct amusement games.
WAC 230-20-400 Certain lower volume licensees exempted from certain rules.
WAC 230-20-508 Authorized amusement games -- Types, standards and classifications.
WAC 230-20-509 Amusement games -- Classification to be assigned by operator.
WAC 230-20-510 Attended amusement games -- Operational restrictions.
WAC 230-20-600 Amusement games -- Licensee to give notice to local police jurisdiction prior to conducting -- Inspection of equipment by police.
WAC 230-20-610 Amusement games -- Factors affecting skill to be readily visible to players.
WAC 230-20-615 Amusement games -- Material degree of skill required -- Standards.
WAC 230-20-620 Amusement games -- Objects to be thrown to be uniform -- Similar games not to use different objects unless designated.
WAC 230-20-630 Amusement games -- Fees, rules, prizes and variations in objects to be posted -- Fees to be paid in cash or scrip -- Prizes not to differ from those posted.
WAC 230-20-640 Amusement games -- Sample of prizes to be displayed.
WAC 230-20-650 Amusement games -- Coin toss games.
WAC 230-20-660 Amusement games -- Target shoot -- Target to be brought to contestant on demand.
WAC 230-20-670 Commercial amusement games -- Operating restrictions.
WAC 230-20-680 Commercial amusement games -- Operation restrictions.
WAC 230-20-685 Commercial amusement games -- Wager and prize limitations.
WAC 230-20-700 Coin or token activated amusement games -- Standards.


     The following chapter of the Washington Administrative Code is repealed:
WAC 230-25-020 Fund-raising event -- Licensee to give notice to local police jurisdiction prior to conducting -- Inspection of equipment by police.
WAC 230-25-030 Fund-raising event -- Ten thousand dollars annual net receipts maximum.
WAC 230-25-033 Fund-raising events on New Year's Eve extending past midnight.
WAC 230-25-040 Fund-raising event -- House rules to be developed and posted -- Limitations on wagers.
WAC 230-25-045 Poker tournaments at fund-raising events and limited fund-raising events.
WAC 230-25-050 Wagering among participants not permitted.
WAC 230-25-055 Use of chips, scrip or similar items at fund-raising event.
WAC 230-25-060 Coin-operated gaming devices prohibited.
WAC 230-25-065 Licensees may join together to conduct a fund-raising event.
WAC 230-25-070 Fund-raising events -- Central accounting system required.
WAC 230-25-100 Fund-raising event -- Leasing of commercial business premises -- Conditions.
WAC 230-25-110 Fund-raising event -- Equipment use, lease or rental from licensee only.
WAC 230-25-120 Expenditure limits for fund-raising events.
WAC 230-25-150 Pull-tabs at fund-raising events -- Authorized.
WAC 230-25-160 Pull-tabs at fund-raising events -- Operational requirements -- Limitations.
WAC 230-25-200 Bingo at fund-raising events.
WAC 230-25-220 Raffles or similar drawings conducted at fund-raising events.
WAC 230-25-230 Raffles or similar lotteries at fund-raising events -- Tickets to be sold and income to be accounted for separately.
WAC 230-25-235 Fund-raising event -- Rules for blackjack.
WAC 230-25-240 Prizes to be awarded only to persons who were present, and purchased tickets or made wagers, at fund-raising event.
WAC 230-25-250 Operation of punch boards at a fund-raising event prohibited.
WAC 230-25-260 Bona fide member of organization conducting fund-raising event.
WAC 230-25-265 Fund-raising event -- Regular salary for licensee's employee not "payment" for work on fund-raising event under certain conditions -- Food and beverage exception.
WAC 230-25-270 Certain incidental functions at fund-raising event not part of management and operation of event.
WAC 230-25-310 Fund-raising event -- List of workers to be available on premises.
WAC 230-25-315 Workers to wear identification tags.
WAC 230-25-320 Limits for operation and participation in fund-raising events.
WAC 230-25-325 Limited fund-raising event -- Procedures and restrictions.
WAC 230-25-330 Recreational gaming activity -- Rules for play.


     The following chapter of the Washington Administrative Code is repealed:
WAC 230-30-025 Progressive jackpot pull-tab series -- Definitions -- Restrictions -- Operating procedures.
WAC 230-30-030 Punch board and pull-tab quality control program -- Special inspections, defective devices, reimbursements, and fees.
WAC 230-30-033 Event pull-tab series -- Definitions -- Restrictions.
WAC 230-30-034 Seal card pull-tab series -- Definitions -- Restrictions.
WAC 230-30-040 Bonus pull-tab series -- Definitions -- Restrictions.
WAC 230-30-045 Carry-over jackpot pull-tab series -- Definitions -- Requirements.
WAC 230-30-050 Punch board and pull-tab operating restrictions and dispensing limitations.
WAC 230-30-052 Punch boards and pull-tabs operated by charitable or nonprofit organizations -- Net income required.
WAC 230-30-055 Standards for construction of punch boards.
WAC 230-30-070 Control of prizes -- Restrictions -- Bonus prizes -- Displaying -- Procedures for awarding.
WAC 230-30-072 Inventory control for punch boards and pull-tabs -- Retention requirements -- Audit adjustments.
WAC 230-30-080 Punch board and pull-tab series restrictions -- Prizes, size of game, and location of winners.
WAC 230-30-090 All devices must comply with rules.
WAC 230-30-097 Standards -- Approved pull-tab dispensing devices.
WAC 230-30-102 Pull-tab series assembly and packaging.
WAC 230-30-103 Standards for construction of pull-tabs.
WAC 230-30-104 Possession or sale of pull-tab series in which winners or location of winners may be determined in advance -- Prohibited.
WAC 230-30-106 Punch board and pull-tab flares restrictions -- Standards -- Substitute flares.
WAC 230-30-210 Sales restrictions.
WAC 230-30-220 Interest in separate business involving punch boards and pull-tabs at a different marketing level prohibited.
WAC 230-30-225 Exception to prohibition of holding an interest in separate punch board or pull-tab businesses at different marketing levels.
WAC 230-30-300 Recall of defective punch boards, pull-tabs or pull-tab dispensing devices.
WAC 230-30-500 Rules applicable to operators of punch boards and pull-tabs applicable as well to operators of either activity.


     The following chapter of the Washington Administrative Code is repealed:
WAC 230-40-010 Social card games -- Rules of play -- Types of card games authorized.
WAC 230-40-020 Portion of premises used for card playing limited.
WAC 230-40-030 Number of tables and players limited.
WAC 230-40-040 Fees for house-banked card games -- Prohibited -- Exception.
WAC 230-40-050 Fees for nonhouse-banked card games -- Assessment and collection -- Maximum fees.
WAC 230-40-052 Daily records -- Card games.
WAC 230-40-055 Card tournaments for fee and prizes -- Reporting requirements.
WAC 230-40-063 Charge for cutting cards.
WAC 230-40-070 Licensee to furnish all cards, chips and other services.
WAC 230-40-080 Person not to bring their own cards or chips.
WAC 230-40-090 Devices, mechanisms, giving advantage -- Prohibited.
WAC 230-40-120 Limits on wagers in card games.
WAC 230-40-130 Wagers to be made with chips only.
WAC 230-40-140 Change in method of wagering prohibited.
WAC 230-40-200 Players to compete on equal terms -- Deal to rotate among players.
WAC 230-40-225 House dealer allowed in certain games.
WAC 230-40-230 No person shall have someone play for him or assist another participant.
WAC 230-40-250 Licensee to prevent cheating in card games.
WAC 230-40-315 No food or drink sales on time basis in card room.
WAC 230-40-320 Minors or intoxicated persons shall not play cards or provide services to the game.
WAC 230-40-331 Bona fide nonprofit or charitable organizations -- Members only to play social card and dice games -- Exception.
WAC 230-40-400 Hours for card games--Procedures for changing hours.
WAC 230-40-450 Pictures to be posted with employee licenses.
WAC 230-40-500 Unlicensed charitable and nonprofit card games -- Authority -- House rules to be developed and posted.
WAC 230-40-505 Rules of play for social card games -- Display -- Availability for review.
WAC 230-40-550 Incompatible functions defined.
WAC 230-40-552 Cash equivalent defined.
WAC 230-40-554 Chief executive officer or chief operations officer defined.
WAC 230-40-556 Gaming operations department manager defined.
WAC 230-40-558 Shift manager defined.
WAC 230-40-560 Floor supervisor defined.
WAC 230-40-562 Dealer defined.
WAC 230-40-600 Authorization procedures for player-supported jackpots.
WAC 230-40-608 Deposit requirements -- Player-supported jackpot funds.
WAC 230-40-610 Player-supported jackpots -- Restrictions -- Manner of conducting -- Approval.
WAC 230-40-615 Nonhouse-banked card games -- Administrative and accounting control structure -- Organization.
WAC 230-40-625 Closed circuit television system -- Class F card rooms.
WAC 230-40-630 Count procedures -- Class F card rooms.
WAC 230-40-800 Operating rules for house-banked card games.
WAC 230-40-801 Interruption of card games -- Preoperational review and evaluation required -- Procedures -- House-banking.
WAC 230-40-805 Progressive jackpot prizes -- Procedures -- Restrictions -- House-banking.
WAC 230-40-808 Deposit requirements for prizes -- House-banking.
WAC 230-40-810 House-banked card games -- Odds based wagers -- Prizes -- Restrictions--Procedures.
WAC 230-40-815 Administrative and accounting control structure -- Organization -- House-banking.
WAC 230-40-821 Accounting system -- House-banked card rooms.
WAC 230-40-823 Financial statements required -- House-banked card rooms.
WAC 230-40-825 Closed circuit television system -- House-banking.
WAC 230-40-830 Cashier's cage -- Requirements -- House-banking.
WAC 230-40-833 Cashier's bank and minimum bankroll -- House-banking.
WAC 230-40-835 Accounting controls for cashier's cage.
WAC 230-40-840 Drop boxes -- House-banking -- Drop box collection method.
WAC 230-40-845 Procedures for exchange of checks submitted by gaming patrons at cashier's cage.
WAC 230-40-850 Procedures for purchasing gaming chips.
WAC 230-40-855 Acceptance of tips from patrons for house-banked activities.
WAC 230-40-860 Table inventories and procedures for opening tables for house-banked card games.
WAC 230-40-865 Distributing chips and coins to tables -- Requests and fills -- House-banking.
WAC 230-40-870 Removing chips and coins from tables -- Requests and credits -- House-banking.
WAC 230-40-875 Closing gaming tables -- House-banking.
WAC 230-40-880 Count room requirements.
WAC 230-40-885 Count procedures -- House-banking.
WAC 230-40-890 Signatures -- Requirements.
WAC 230-40-895 Key control -- House-banking.


     The following chapter of the Washington Administrative Code is repealed:
WAC 230-46-010 Purpose.
WAC 230-46-025 Telephone charges -- Valuable consideration.
WAC 230-46-045 Promotional contests of chance similar to bingo -- "No fee bingo."
WAC 230-46-070 Punch boards/pull-tabs and pull-tab dispensing devices not to be used in promotional contests -- Exception.
WAC 230-46-100 Bona fide charitable/nonprofit organizations -- Limited social card games without obtaining a license -- Conditions.



     The following sections of the Washington Administrative Code are repealed:
WAC 230-50-005 Seizures -- Hearings.
WAC 230-50-010 Adjudicative proceedings -- Hearings.
WAC 230-50-012 Summary suspensions.
WAC 230-50-015 Stay of summary suspension.
WAC 230-50-018 Review of orders on stay.
WAC 230-50-020 Adjudicated proceedings -- Appointment of administrative law judge.
WAC 230-50-030 Adjudicated proceedings -- Hearings -- Interpreter -- Timing.
WAC 230-50-060 Adjudicated proceedings -- Appearance and practice before the commission -- Who may appear.
WAC 230-50-090 Standards of ethical conduct.
WAC 230-50-110 Computation of time.
WAC 230-50-150 Adjudicated proceedings -- Notice of hearing -- Requirements.
WAC 230-50-190 Adjudicated proceedings -- Service of process -- Method of service.
WAC 230-50-200 Adjudicated proceedings -- Service of process -- When service complete.
WAC 230-50-210 Adjudicated proceedings -- Service of process -- Filing with agency.
WAC 230-50-225 Adjudicated proceedings -- Discovery.
WAC 230-50-230 Adjudicated proceedings -- Subpoenas, issuance, service, fees, quashing and enforcement.
WAC 230-50-235 Brief adjudicative proceedings -- Discovery limitations.
WAC 230-50-300 Adjudicated proceedings -- Depositions and interrogatories -- Right to take.
WAC 230-50-310 Depositions and interrogatories in contested cases -- Scope.
WAC 230-50-320 Depositions and interrogatories in contested cases -- Officer before whom taken.
WAC 230-50-330 Adjudicated proceedings -- Depositions and interrogatories -- Notice.
WAC 230-50-340 Depositions and interrogatories in contested cases -- Protection of parties and deponents.
WAC 230-50-500 Official notice -- Matters of law.
WAC 230-50-510 Official notice -- Material facts.
WAC 230-50-530 Stipulations and admissions of record.
WAC 230-50-550 Adjudicated proceedings -- Initial or final order.
WAC 230-50-560 Petition for review of an initial order -- Replies to a petition for review, and cross appeals -- When an initial order becomes a final order -- Time limits and content requirements.
WAC 230-50-562 Final orders -- When and how to file a petition for reconsideration of a final order.
WAC 230-50-570 Adjudicated proceeding -- Stay.
WAC 230-50-610 Adjudicated proceedings settlement conferences and prehearing conferences.
WAC 230-50-630 Submission of documentary evidence in advance.
WAC 230-50-640 Excerpts from documentary evidence.
WAC 230-50-650 Expert or opinion testimony and testimony based on economic and statistical data -- Number and qualifications of witnesses.
WAC 230-50-660 Expert or opinion testimony and testimony based on economic and statistical data -- Written sworn statements.
WAC 230-50-670 Expert or opinion testimony and testimony based on economic and statistical data -- Supporting data.
WAC 230-50-680 Expert or opinion testimony and testimony based on economic and statistical data -- Effect of noncompliance with WAC 230-50-650 or 230-50-660.
WAC 230-50-700 Continuances.
WAC 230-50-750 Rules of evidence -- Admissibility criteria.
WAC 230-50-760 Rules of evidence -- Tentative admission -- Exclusion -- Discontinuance -- Objections.
WAC 230-50-815 Deadlines for submitting items to be included in the commission meeting agenda--Exceptions.
WAC 230-50-850 Declaratory order.


     The following chapter of the Washington Administrative Code is repealed:
WAC 230-60-005 Purpose.
WAC 230-60-010 Definitions.
WAC 230-60-025 Public records available -- Location -- Time available.
WAC 230-60-030 Public records officers.
WAC 230-60-035 Office hours.
WAC 230-60-040 Requests for public records.
WAC 230-60-045 Copying.
WAC 230-60-050 Exemptions.
WAC 230-60-055 Review of denials of public records requests.
WAC 230-60-060 Protection of public records.
WAC 230-60-065 Records index.
WAC 230-60-100 Interpretive and policy statements.

Washington State Code Reviser's Office