WSR 08-04-043



[ Filed January 31, 2008, 10:56 a.m. ]

Following is the department of transportation's January 1 through June 30, 2008, semi-annual rules development agenda for publication in the Washington state register pursuant to RCW 34.05.314.

There may be additional rule-making activity not on this agenda as conditions warrant.

Semi-Annual Rules Agenda

RCW 34.05.314

January 2008 - June 2008



Chapter Title Sections Purpose of Rule Agency Contact Approximate Filing Date
468-06 Public access to information and records. All Updating rule. Cathy Downs

(360) 705-7761


March 2008

468-16 Prequalification of contractors. 080, 130 This chapter is promulgated to assure that contactors engaged in the improvement and construction of state highways possess the necessary qualifications as required by RCW 47.28.070. Ken Walker

(360) 705-7017


March 15, 2008

468-15 Small works roster. 040 This chapter is adopted pursuant to RCW 39.04.155, which requires a state agency establishing a small works roster or rosters to adopt rules implementing the statute. It is further intended to:

(1) Establish procedures for solicitation of contractors interested in being placed on the department's small works roster(s).

(2) Provide a fair cost-effective alternative method of contacting through the small works roster process.

(3) Provide for a clear concise method for a contractor to qualify for placement on the department's small works roster(s).

(4) Provide for an appeal and for a hearing procedure, for denial, suspension, or removal from a small works roster.

Ken Walker

(360) 705-7017


March 15, 2008

468-270 Setting toll amounts for toll facilities in Washington state. 070, 075, 100 Establishing toll rates for SR 167 HOT lanes pilot project. Reema Griffith

(360) 705-7070

Public hearing February 19, 2008
468-270 Setting toll amounts for toll facilities in Washington state. 070, 075, 100 Toll rate setting for the Tacoma Narrows Bridge. Reema Griffith

(360) 705-7070

CR-101 filed on January 23, 2008
468-38-100 Pilot/escort vehicle and operator requirements. (1)(b) Allow additional overhang before escort required. Jim Wright

(360) 704-6345

March 2008
468-38-290 Farm implements. (1) Change to fit proposed bill for implement weight limit. Jim Wright

(360) 704-6345

February 2008
468-60-010 Commute trip reduction (CTR) trip reduction performance program. All Clarifying the intent and requirements of the trip reduction performance program. Hiep Tran

(360) 705-7806

CR-102 was filed January 23, 2008

Public hearing on March 3, 2008

468-300 State ferries and toll bridges. 010, 020, 040 To extend the expiration dates for a few WSF tariffs from April 30, 2008, to a date (tbd) in October 2009. Tim McGuigan

(206) 515-3601

CR-101 was filed on December 18, 2007, WSR 08-01-114

CR-102 filing in February 2008

468-550 Safety oversight of rail fixed guide-way systems rules. All and add 090 Reimbursement of direct costs incurred by the Washington state department of transportation for its management of the Washington state rail safety oversight program. Cathy Silins

(360) 705-7919

CR-101 filed on January 23, 2008

Cathy Downs

Rules Coordinator

Washington State Code Reviser's Office