WSR 08-05-046




[ February 21, 2005 ]



WHEREAS, the citizens of Washington hold their government accountable for results; and

WHEREAS, they want good value for their tax dollars; and

WHEREAS, they want their government to focus on the priorities that are important to the public, and in pursuing those priorities, they want their government to be effective and efficient; and

WHEREAS, government leaders must demonstrate successful performance in clear, measurable terms; and

WHEREAS, Washington State has made progress by aligning government spending to citizen priorities in the Priorities of Government process and using performance management to improve the quality and cost effectiveness of services in some agencies;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Christine Gregoire, Governor of the state of Washington, hereby order and direct agencies to take the next steps to build public confidence in government by adopting a comprehensive government management, accountability and performance system (GMAP).

GMAP will give the public a clear, concise view of how government programs are working and whether citizens are receiving value for their dollars. GMAP will give citizens a way to judge the effectiveness of government programs. GMAP will allow agency leaders to shine a spotlight on problems and make decisions with greater clarity and accuracy. At the same time, it will give agency managers new tools to solve problems and improve services.

GMAP calls upon the Governor and other agency leaders to:

1. Take personal responsibility and hold the agency and its management accountable for results;
2. Use strategies that work, and make corrections when they don't;
3. Base decisions not on guesswork or preference but on accurate, up-to-date information;
4. Make decisions timely;
5. Follow up to make sure there's implementation after a decision has been made;
6. Take risks and learn from mistakes; and
7. Communicate clearly to citizens about results.

GMAP will require each agency to:

1. Develop clear, relevant and easy-to-understand measures that show whether or not programs are successful;
2. Demonstrate how programs contribute to the priorities that are important to citizens;
3. Gather, monitor, and analyze program data;
4. Evaluate the effectiveness of programs;
5. Hold regular problem-solving sessions within the agency to improve performance;
6. Allocate resources based on strategies that work; and
7. Regularly report to the Governor on their performance.

The Governor's Office of Management Accountability and Performance will lead the effort to implement GMAP and will prepare more detailed guidance on implementing the intent of this executive order. The Department of Personnel will work with the GMAP Office to develop and deliver training to support GMAP. The Department of Information Services will assist in developing the tools and technology needed by agencies to implement GMAP. Everyone from agency managers to front-line employees will work creatively and cooperatively within and across agencies to improve government service.

The Governor will issue regular reports to the public that reflect the principles of GMAP. Each report will include a realistic assessment of government performance, including both successes and failures. These reports will be clear and easy to read, and they will focus on what is most important to citizens.

This executive order supersedes the reporting requirements specified in Executive Order 97-03.

This executive order shall take effect immediately.

Signed and sealed with the official seal of the State of Washington, on this 21st day of February 2005, at Olympia, Washington.
Christine O. Gregoire
Sam Reed
Secretary of State

Washington State Code Reviser's Office