WSR 08-06-022



(Fish and Wildlife Commission)

[ Filed February 22, 2008, 2:16 p.m. ]

At its February 15, 2008, commission conference call meeting, the fish and wildlife commission amended its 2008 meeting calendar for the month of December. Meeting locations for May and June have also been updated, and special meetings are included in the new list.

Fish and Wildlife Commission

2008 Meeting Calendar - REVISED* February 15, 2008

January 4 Conference Call Olympia
January 10 Joint meeting with Oregon's Commission Vancouver, Washington
January 11-12 Meeting Vancouver, Washington
*January 18 25 Conference Call Olympia
February 1-2 Meeting Olympia
*February 8 Special meeting, via conference call Olympia
*February 14 Special meeting, via conference call Olympia
February 15 Conference Call Olympia
March 7-8 Meeting Olympia
March 21 Conference Call Olympia
April 4 Conference Call Olympia
April 11-12 Meeting Tri-Cities
April 18 Conference Call Olympia
May 2-3 Meeting Colville
May 16 Conference Call Olympia
June 6-7 Meeting Ocean Shores
June 20 Conference Call Olympia
July 18-19 Meeting Spokane
August 8-9 Meeting Bellingham
August 15 Conference Call Olympia
September 5-6 Meeting Issaquah
September 19 Conference Call Olympia
October 3-4 Meeting Ellensburg
October 17 Conference Call Olympia
November 7-8 Meeting Leavenworth
November 21 Conference Call Olympia
*December 5 Conference Call Olympia
*December 12-13 Meeting Olympia
December 19 Conference Call Olympia

Additional meetings and conference calls may be scheduled on an as-needed basis. Changes to the schedule and agendas will be posted on the web page at

For more information, please contact the commission office at (360) 902-2267 or visit the commission web page at for further information.

Washington fish and wildlife commission meetings are open to the public and conducted at barrier-free sites. All meetings are recorded, except during executive sessions. Contact Susan Yeager in the commission office at (360) 902-2267 if you need special assistance.

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