WSR 08-08-085



(Puget Sound Partnership Ecosystem Coordination Board)

[ Filed April 1, 2008, 2:51 p.m. ]

In the interest of best using your valued time, and after discussion with ecosystem coordination board (ECB) Chair Sims and Leadership Council Chair Ruckelshaus, the ECB meeting scheduled for April 11 has been canceled. Our next meeting will be May 29.

The 2008 legislature granted the partnership an additional three months to adopt the action agenda - extending the due date to December 1, 2008, from September 1, 2008. This extra time will provide for more rigorous technical analysis and more public input into the action agenda.

To take advantage of the additional time we are looking at moving a few pieces of work further out in the schedule. For example, the topic forums that had originally been scheduled to occur before the April 11 meeting are now being moved out to later dates. The topic forums had been slated to be a major agenda item for the April meeting, and after evaluating the new schedule, we agreed that it would be preferable to meet with you when we have a more full agenda.

In place of the April 11 meeting, staff will provide written updates to you on the revised action agenda schedule, the status of the financing plan, and other partnership activities. The revised action agenda schedule and process should be available the week of April 14.

We have also discussed the possibility of adding an additional meeting in the fall depending on the new schedule. This will be discussed at the May 29 meeting.

In the meantime, your participation in the topic forums is encouraged - the schedule will be available and sent to you by this coming Friday. Also, any influence you have in encouraging groups that have not yet turned in their inventory of current work to do so would be very helpful.

Washington State Code Reviser's Office