WSR 08-16-002




[ Filed July 23, 2008, 3:50 p.m. , effective August 23, 2008 ]

Effective Date of Rule: Thirty-one days after filing.

Purpose: The language revises the approval standards for providers of continuing education. The providers must address the following: How the continuing education activities relate to specific state initiatives/priorities such as opportunities for participants to collect/analyze evidence of student learning; professional certificate standards; and participant relevance and quality. Summary evaluation results for each continuing education activity will be posted [on] the provider's web site.

Citation of Existing Rules Affected by this Order: Amending WAC 181-85-200.

Statutory Authority for Adoption: RCW 28A.410.210.

Adopted under notice filed as WSR 08-12-062 on June 2, 2008.

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Date Adopted: June [July] 17, 2008.

Nasue Nishida

Policy and Research Analyst


AMENDATORY SECTION(Amending WSR 06-14-010, filed 6/22/06, effective 7/23/06)

WAC 181-85-200   In-service education approval standards.   In-service education programs provided by approved in-service education agencies shall meet the following program standards:

(1) The objectives of the in-service program -- i.e., intended outcomes -- shall be written for each in-service education program.

(2) The content of the in-service education program shall be set forth in a program agenda which shall specify the topics to be covered, the days and times of each presentation, and the names and short description of qualifications of each instructor -- e.g., degrees and current professional position.

(3) All in-service education instructors shall have academic and/or professional experience which specifically qualifies them to conduct the in-service education program -- e.g., a person with expertise in a particular subject, field, or occupation.

(4) Program materials, including the program agenda, prepared, designed, or selected for the in-service education program shall be available to all attendees.

(5) Activities must relate to opportunities for participants to collect and analyze evidence related to student learning; professional certificate standards; school and district improvement efforts; K-12 frameworks and curriculum alignment; research-based instructional strategies and assessment practices; content of current or anticipated assignment; advocacy for students and leadership, supervision, mentoring/coaching; and/or building a collaborative learning community.

(6) The in-service education program shall be evaluated by the participants to determine ((the success of the program, including the following)):

(a) The extent to which the written objectives(( -- i.e., subsection (1) of this section -- ))have been met;

(b) ((The quality of the physical facilities in which the program was offered;

(c) The quality of the oral presentation by each instructor;

(d) The quality of the written program materials provided by each instructor; and

(e))) Participant perception of relevance and quality of the offering;

(c) The extent to which activities identified in subsection (5) of this section, addressed by the in-service program, have been met; and

(d) Suggestions for improving the in-service education program if repeated.

(((6))) (7) The in-service education agency shall compile the evaluations required in subsection (((5))) (6) of this section in summary form. Summary evaluation results for each in-service education agency offering shall be posted on the in-service education agency web site accessible to prospective participants and to office of superintendent of public instruction staff for review. Provided, That if the in-service education agency does not host a web site, summary evaluation results shall be included as part of the approval renewal process.

(((7))) (8) The designated administrator of each in-service education program shall assess the value and success of such program and periodically report his or her findings to the governing or advisory board which authorized the in-service program.

(((8))) (9) The standards for recordkeeping as provided in WAC 181-85-205 shall apply.

(((9))) (10) The in-service education agency must permit a designated representative of the superintendent of public instruction to attend the in-service education program at no charge and permit such representative to receive a copy of the program materials required by subsection (4) of this section also at no charge.

(((10))) (11) The in-service education agency must provide each registrant with appropriate forms for claiming continuing education credit hours.

(((11))) (12) Note: The provisions of this section do not apply to credit hours awarded by a college or university or course work continuing education hours awarded by a vocational-technical college.

[Statutory Authority: RCW 28A.410.210. 06-14-010, 181-85-200, filed 6/22/06, effective 7/23/06. 06-02-051, recodified as 181-85-200, filed 12/29/05, effective 1/1/06. Statutory Authority: RCW 28A.410.010. 97-04-086, 180-85-200, filed 2/5/97, effective 3/8/97. Statutory Authority: RCW 28A.70.005. 89-01-043 (Order 28-88), 180-85-200, filed 12/14/88; 88-01-086 (Order 16-87), 180-85-200, filed 12/21/87; 86-13-018 (Order 8-86), 180-85-200, filed 6/10/86.]

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