WSR 08-16-028



[ Filed July 28, 2008, 1:48 p.m. ]

Following is the employment security department's semi-annual rule-making agenda for publication in the Washington state register, pursuant to RCW 34.05.314. There may be additional rule-making activity not on the agenda as conditions warrant.

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Unemployment Insurance Division

Semi-Annual Rule-Making Agenda

(July 31, 2008 - January 31, 2009)

Chapters 192-220 and 192-230 Overpaid unemployment benefits Juanita Myers

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CR-101 - 1/06

CR-102 - 7/08

CR-103 - 9/08

Amend rules concerning the definition of "equity and good conscience" as that term relates to waivers of overpayments and offers in compromise. Adopt rules outlining the policies for partial waivers of overpayments. Required by court of appeals decisions in Delagrave v. ESD.
TITLE 192 WAC, Benefit rules Apprentices plus general review of UI benefit rules. Juanita Myers

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CR-101 - 4/08

CR-103 (Emergency) - 6/08

CR-102 - 9/08

CR-103 - TBD

Implement 2008 legislation establishing good cause for claimants who quit work to enter approved apprenticeship program. General review and revision of existing UI benefit rules to incorporate case law, changes in policy and procedures, and to reflect longstanding agency practice. Topics include job separations, job search requirements, reporting requirements, training, educational employees, powers of attorney, and definition of terms.
Chapter 192-150 Voluntarily leaving work Juanita Myers

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CR-101 - 7/08

CR-103 (Emergency) - 7/08

CR-102 - 11/08

CR-103 - TBD

Implement the Washington supreme court's decision in the case of Spain and Batey v. ESD. The court held that the list of good cause reasons in the voluntary quit statute is not exclusive and that the department may rule that good cause is established in other circumstances. The rule will specify the factors the department will consider in determining whether good cause exists.

Pamela Ames

Rules Coordinator

Washington State Code Reviser's Office