WSR 08-19-036




[ Filed September 9, 2008, 3:34 p.m. ]

Semi-Annual Rule-Making Agenda under RCW 34.05.314

July 1, 2008, through December 31, 2008

The department of early learning (DEL) prepares a semi-annual rule-making agenda in January and July of each year to let the public know about DEL rules underway or planned during the report period. DEL rules are part of the Washington Administrative Code (WAC), and permanent DEL rules can be found online at TITLE 170 WAC. This agenda includes links to rule-making notices that DEL has filed with the office of the code reviser for publication in the Washington state register.

Subject Matter WAC Chapter or Sections Description Emergency Rule (CR-103) Preproposal Notice (CR-101) Proposed Rule (CR-102 or CR-105 Expedited) and Public Hearing Permanent Rule (CR-103)
Child care centers, school age child care, family home child care 170-151, 170-295, and 170-296 Correcting obsolete references to the department of social and health services, DSHS-related laws and rules, and other clarifying corrections.


None Not required for corrections and clarifying changes. RCW 34.05.310(4) Filed 2/6/08 as WSR 08-04-111

Public hearing 3/12/08

Filed 3/19/08 as WSR 08-08-012

Final rules effective 4/19/08

Family home child care 170-296 Revising the family home child care rule chapter using a negotiated rule-making team involving parents, child care providers, the Service Employees International Union and DEL.


None Filed 12/1/06 as WSR 06-24-051 Draft rules are being developed by a NRM team - Proposal estimated in early to mid 2009 To be determined in 2009
Early childhood education and assistance program (ECEAP) 170-100 No current rule-making activity.
Head start coordination 170-12 No current rule-making activity.
Seasonal child care subsidies 170-292 Updating internal references in this chapter to be consistent with DEL rules. Clarifying other existing sections for consistent application of the rules.


None Filed 2/16/07 as WSR 07-05-048 Proposal estimated by autumn 2008 Adoption estimated by late 2008
Working connections child care subsidies New 170-290 Rules were moved from DSHS chapter 388-290 WAC to the DEL chapter 170-290 WAC on March 27, 2008 (see filing number WSR 08-08-047). The rules will be revised to correct now outdated references to DSHS laws, rules and program names; to adopt child care subsidy rates approved by the legislature; and to be consistent with the current collective bargaining agreement.


None Filed 11/2/07 as WSR 07-22-065 Proposal estimated by autumn 2008 Adoption estimated by late 2008
Background checks New 170-06 Adopting a new WAC chapter to replace obsolete DSHS background check requirements and process for all child care staff volunteers, and others who may have unsupervised access to children in licensed care.


Filed 10/5/07 as WSR 07-21-011 Filed 10/24/06 as WSR 06-22-020 Filed 3/[5]/08 as WSR 08-06-101

Public hearings 4/8/08, and 4/12/08

Filed 4/30/08 as WSR 08-10-041

Final rules were effective 5/31/08

This agenda is prepared for information purposes, and dates of anticipated rule-making actions in this agenda are estimates only. Any errors in this agenda do not affect the actual DEL rules or DEL rule-making notices filed with the office of the code reviser and published in the Washington state register. There may be additional DEL rule making that cannot be forecasted as the department initiates rule proceedings to implement new state laws, to meet federal requirements, or to meet unforeseen circumstances. Emergency rules noted are those in effect at the time this agenda was filed with the code reviser. For more information about department of early learning rule making, please contact the DEL rules coordinator, at (360) 725-4397, or by e-mail at

CR-101 is a preproposal statement of inquiry notice under RCW 34.05.310.

CR-102 is a proposed rule-making notice under RCW 34.05.320 and 34.05.340.

CR-103 is a rule-making order filed under RCW 34.05.360 for permanent rules, or under RCW 34.05.350 for emergency rules.

CR-105 is an expedited rule-making notice under RCW 34.05.353.

WSR number is the official filing number assigned by the office of the code reviser for materials submitted for publication in the Washington state register.

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