WSR 09-11-012



[ Filed May 7, 2009, 2:48 p.m. ]

Subject of Possible Rule Making: Minor revisions to chapter 468-70 WAC, Motorist information signs.

Statutes Authorizing the Agency to Adopt Rules on this Subject: RCW 47.36.030 Traffic control devices -- Specifications to counties and cities -- Signs, banners over highways.

Reasons Why Rules on this Subject may be Needed and What They Might Accomplish: These rules (1) update certain signing eligibility requirements to reflect national trends and other states' practices regarding campgrounds and recreational activities, (2) correct the RCW number that references economic distressed areas, (3) increase the city/town population threshold to reflect RCW 47.24.020, and (4) increase the allowable number of business signs on intersection approach back panels to reflect the 2003 edition of the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices.

Other Federal and State Agencies that Regulate this Subject and the Process Coordinating the Rule with These Agencies: None.

Process for Developing New Rule: The department reviewed camping/recreational user trends and the signing practices of other states; and, monitored statutory references and amendments to assure appropriate cites.

Interested parties can participate in the decision to adopt the new rule and formulation of the proposed rule before publication by contacting Rick Mowlds, Signing Engineer, WSDOT Headquarters Traffic Operations Office, P.O. Box 47344, Olympia, WA 98504-7344, phone (360) 705-7988, fax (360) 705-6826, or e-mail

May 7, 2009

Stephen T. Reinmuth

Chief of Staff

Washington State Code Reviser's Office