WSR 09-15-062



[ Filed July 10, 2009, 1:10 p.m. ]

Rule Development Agenda

July - December 2009

The forest practices board's mandate is to adopt rules to protect the state's public resources while maintaining a viable forest products industry. The following rule proposals are under development or are anticipated during this time period.

1. Desired Future Condition. The board initiated rule making to amend chapter 222-30 WAC related to desired future condition performance targets in riparian management zones. The board will consider rule adoption at the August 12, 2009, meeting.

2. Fixed Width Riparian. The board may consider rule making to amend rules that allow for fixed width, no cut buffer to simplify rules for management of riparian areas on forest land while protecting riparian function.

3. Northern Spotted Owl. The board approved an emergency rule in December 2008 that establishes a temporary process (from January 1, 2009, to December 31, 2009) in which a three-person spotted owl conservation advisory group may evaluate certain northern spotted owl sites to determine whether they need be maintained while the forest practices board completes its evaluation of rules affecting the northern spotted owl.

The board is concurrently conducting permanent rule making to enact this process. The board will consider initiating rule making at the August 12, 2009, meeting.

4. Trees and Houses. The board may consider rule making to amend rules that clarify the boundary between urban and forest lands.

5. Upland Wildlife. The board, with the department of fish and wildlife, continues to conduct a comprehensive review of the forest practices rules and science for upland wildlife protection and development of cooperative management planning processes. This review and planning process, along with new species listings, and the designation of critical habitat, may result in a rule proposal.

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