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(Basic Health Program)

[ Order 09-01 -- Filed October 8, 2009, 2:09 p.m. , effective November 8, 2009 ]

Effective Date of Rule: Thirty-one days after filing.

Purpose: To clarify the process by which an enrollee in the basic health program may be disenrolled from the program upon failure to comply with the recertification process.

Citation of Existing Rules Affected by this Order: Amending WAC 182-25-090.

Statutory Authority for Adoption: RCW 70.47.050.

Adopted under notice filed as WSR 09-18-034 on August 25, 2009.

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Date Adopted: October 8, 2009.

Jason Siems

Rules Coordinator


AMENDATORY SECTION(Amending Order 04-03, filed 11/5/04, effective 1/1/05)

WAC 182-25-090   Disenrollment from BHP.   (1) An enrollee or employer group may disenroll effective the first day of any month by giving BHP at least ten days prior notice of the intention to disenroll.

(2) BHP may disenroll any enrollee or group from BHP for good cause, which includes:

(a) Failure to meet the eligibility requirements set forth in WAC 182-25-030, 182-25-050, 182-25-060, and 182-25-070;

(b) Nonpayment of premium under the provisions of subsection (6) of this section;

(c) Changes in MHCS or program availability when the enrollee's MHCS will no longer be available to him or her and no other MHCS in the area where the enrollee lives is accepting new enrollment in the enrollee's program;

(d) Repeated failure to pay copayments, coinsurance, or other cost-sharing in full on a timely basis;

(e) Fraud, intentional misrepresentation of information or withholding information that the enrollee knew or should have known was material or necessary to accurately determine their eligibility or premium responsibility, failure to provide requested verification of eligibility or income, or knowingly providing false information;

(f) Abuse or intentional misconduct;

(g) Danger or threat to the safety or property of the MHCS or the health care authority or their staff, providers, patients or visitors; and

(h) Refusal to accept or follow procedures or treatment determined by a MHCS to be essential to the health of the enrollee, when the MHCS has advised the enrollee and demonstrated to the satisfaction of BHP that no professionally acceptable alternative form of treatment is available from the MHCS.

(3) In addition to being disenrolled, any enrollee who knowingly provides false information to BHP or to a participating managed health care system may be held financially responsible for any covered services fraudulently obtained through BHP.

(4) At least ten days prior to the effective date of disenrollment under subsection (2)(a) and (c) through (h) of this section, BHP will send enrollees written notice of disenrollment.

(a) The notice of disenrollment will:

(i) State the reason for the disenrollment;

(ii) State the effective date of the disenrollment;

(iii) Describe the procedures for disenrollment; and

(iv) Inform the enrollee of his or her right to appeal the disenrollment decision as set forth in WAC 182-25-100 and 182-25-105.

(b) The notice of disenrollment will be sent to both the employer or sponsor and to all members of an employer group, home care agency group or financial sponsor group that is disenrolled under these provisions. Enrollees affected by the disenrollment of a group account will be offered coverage under individual accounts. Coverage under individual accounts will not begin unless the premium for individual coverage is paid by the due date for the coverage month. A one-month break in coverage may occur for enrollees who choose to transfer to individual accounts.

(5) Enrollees covered under BHP Plus or receiving maternity benefits through medical assistance will not be disenrolled from those programs when other family members lose BHP coverage, as long as they remain eligible for those programs.

(6) Enrollees who are notified that they will be disenrolled due to incomplete recertification documents shall not be disenrolled if they submit complete documents within thirty days after the disenrollment letter is mailed.

(7) Under the provisions of this subsection, BHP will suspend or disenroll enrollees and groups who do not pay their premiums when due, including amounts owed for subsidy overpayment, if any. Partial payment or payment by check which cannot be processed or is returned due to nonsufficient funds will be regarded as nonpayment.

(a) At least ten days before coverage will lapse, BHP will send a delinquency notice to each subscriber whose premium payment has not been received by the due date. The delinquency notice will include a final due date and a notice that BHP coverage will lapse unless payment is received by the final due date.

(b) Except as provided in (c) of this subsection, coverage will be suspended for one month if an enrollee's premium payment is not received by the final due date, as shown on the delinquency notice. BHP will send written notice of suspension to the subscriber, which will include:

(i) The effective date of the suspension;

(ii) The due date by which payment must be received to restore coverage after the one-month suspension;

(iii) Notification that the subscriber and any enrolled dependents will be disenrolled if payment is not received by the final due date; and

(iv) Instructions for filing an appeal under WAC 182-25-105.

(c) Enrollees whose premium payment has not been received by the delinquency due date, and who have been suspended twice within the previous twelve months will be disenrolled for nonpayment as of the effective date of the third suspension.

(d) Enrollees who are suspended and do not pay the premium for the next coverage month by the due date on the notice of suspension will be immediately disenrolled and issued a notice of disenrollment, which will include:

(i) The effective date of the disenrollment; and

(ii) Instructions for filing an appeal under WAC 182-25-105.

(((7))) (8)(a) Unless otherwise specified in this chapter, and subject to the provisions of WAC 182-25-030, enrollees who voluntarily disenroll or are disenrolled from BHP may not reenroll for a period of twelve months from the date their coverage ended and until all other requirements for enrollment have been satisfied. An exception to this provision will be made for:

(i) Enrollees who left BHP for other health insurance, who are able to provide proof of continuous coverage from the date of disenrollment, and who apply to reenroll in BHP within thirty days of losing the other coverage;

(ii) Enrollees who left BHP because they lost eligibility and who subsequently become eligible to reenroll; and

(iii) Persons enrolling in subsidized BHP, who had enrolled and subsequently disenrolled from nonsubsidized BHP under subsection (1) or (2)(b) of this section while waiting on a reservation list for subsidized coverage.

(iv) Enrollees who were disenrolled by BHP because no MHCS was contracted to serve the program in which they were enrolled in the geographic area where they live; these enrollees may reenroll, provided all enrollment requirements are met, if a MHCS begins accepting enrollment for their program in their area or if they become eligible and apply for another BHP program.

(v) Enrollees who were disenrolled for failing to provide requested documentation of income or eligibility((, who had attempted to comply with the request but were unable to meet the due date, and)) for recertification or as otherwise requested by BHP, who provide all required documentation within six months of disenrollment and are eligible to reenroll. Reenrollment in the plan will not be retroactive and shall take place within forty-five days of BHP receiving complete reenrollment documents that verify eligibility; subject to the provisions of WAC 182-25-080.

(b) An enrollee who is required to wait twelve months for reenrollment under (a) of this subsection may not reenroll prior to the end of the required twelve-month wait. If an enrollee satisfies the required twelve-month wait after applying for subsidized coverage and while waiting to be offered coverage, enrollment will not be completed until funding is available to enroll him or her.

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