WSR 10-02-096



(Aging and Disability Services Administration)

[ Filed January 6, 2010, 10:15 a.m. ]

     Original Notice.

     Preproposal statement of inquiry was filed as WSR 09-13-092.

     Title of Rule and Other Identifying Information: The department is amending and creating new sections in chapter 388-106 WAC, Long-term care services.

     Hearing Location(s): Blake Office Park East, Rose Room, 4500 10th Avenue S.E., Lacey, WA 98503 (one block north of the intersection of Pacific Avenue S.E. and Alhadeff Lane. A map or directions are available at or by calling (360) 664-6094), on February 23, 2010, at 10:00 a.m.

     Date of Intended Adoption: Not earlier then February 24, 2010.

     Submit Written Comments to: DSHS Rules Coordinator, P.O. Box 45850, Olympia, WA 98504-5850, delivery 4500 10th Avenue S.E., Lacey, WA 98503, e-mail, fax (360) 664-6185, by 5 p.m. on February 23, 2010.

     Assistance for Persons with Disabilities: Contact Jennisha Johnson, DSHS rules consultant, by February 9, 2010, TTY (360) 664-6178 or (360) 664-6094 or by e-mail at

     Purpose of the Proposal and Its Anticipated Effects, Including Any Changes in Existing Rules: The department is amending and adopting new rules in chapter 388-106 WAC as follows:

Updating how the individual budget amount is calculated after the New Freedom participant is assigned a classification as a result of an assessment performed in CARE.
Updating how unused funds from New Freedom individual budgets will be maintained and/or returned to the department.
Clarifying what services are available under the New Freedom waiver.
Updating the role of a designated New Freedom representative to not allow payment as a personal care provider.
New WAC to address institutionalized participants and their budgets.
New WAC to address what services are not allowed under New Freedom.
Adding two applicable definitions for clarity.

     Statutory Authority for Adoption: RCW 74.08.090, 74.09.520.

     Statute Being Implemented: RCW 74.08.090, 74.09.520.

     Rule is not necessitated by federal law, federal or state court decision.

     Name of Proponent: Department of social and health services, governmental.

     Name of Agency Personnel Responsible for Drafting, Implementation and Enforcement: Karen Fitzharris, P.O. Box 45600, Olympia, WA 98504-5600, (360) 725-2446.

     No small business economic impact statement has been prepared under chapter 19.85 RCW. The preparation of a small business economic impact statement is not required, as no new costs will be imposed on small businesses or nonprofits.

     A cost-benefit analysis is required under RCW 34.05.328. A preliminary cost-benefit analysis may be obtained by contacting Karen Fitzharris, Home and Community Services, P.O. Box 45600, Olympia, WA 98504-5600, phone (360) 725-2446, fax (360) 407-7582, e-mail

December 30, 2009

Don Goldsby, Manager

Rules and Policies Assistance Unit

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