WSR 10-21-087



[ Filed October 20, 2010, 8:04 a.m. , effective November 20, 2010 ]

Effective Date of Rule: Thirty-one days after filing.

Purpose: Extensive rewrite of existing rules. Clarify rule language.

Citation of Existing Rules Affected by this Order: Repealing WAC 308-200A-025 through 308-200A-910; and amending WAC 308-200A-010 and 308-200A-020.

Statutory Authority for Adoption: RCW 43.21C.120.

Adopted under notice filed as WSR 10-17-033 on September 9, 2010.

Number of Sections Adopted in Order to Comply with Federal Statute: New 0, Amended 0, Repealed 0; Federal Rules or Standards: New 0, Amended 0, Repealed 0; or Recently Enacted State Statutes: New 0, Amended 0, Repealed 0.

Number of Sections Adopted at Request of a Nongovernmental Entity: New 0, Amended 0, Repealed 0.

Number of Sections Adopted on the Agency's Own Initiative: New 1, Amended 2, Repealed 83.

Number of Sections Adopted in Order to Clarify, Streamline, or Reform Agency Procedures: New 1, Amended 2, Repealed 83.

Number of Sections Adopted Using Negotiated Rule Making: New 0, Amended 0, Repealed 0; Pilot Rule Making: New 0, Amended 0, Repealed 0; or Other Alternative Rule Making: New 1, Amended 2, Repealed 83.

Date Adopted: October 19, 2010.

Walt Fahrer

Rules Coordinator


AMENDATORY SECTION(Amending Order 500-DOL, filed 8/3/78)

WAC 308-200A-010   Authority.   ((The department adopts by reference the text of WAC 197-10-010, as it existed on January 21, 1978.)) These rules are promulgated under RCW 43.21C.120 (the State Environmental Policy Act) and chapter 197-11 WAC (SEPA rules).

[Statutory Authority: RCW 43.21C.120. 78-09-002 (Order 500-DOL), 308-200A-010, filed 8/3/78. Formerly WAC 308-200-010.]

AMENDATORY SECTION(Amending Order 500-DOL, filed 8/3/78)

WAC 308-200A-020   Purpose.   (((1) The purpose of this chapter is to establish department of licensing rules interpreting and implementing the State Environmental Policy Act of 1971 (SEPA), which rules will apply to the department, its divisions, and its affiliated agencies.

(2) These rules do not govern compliance by the department with respect to the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 (NEPA). When the department is required by federal law or regulations to perform some element of compliance with NEPA, such compliance will be governed by the applicable federal statute and regulations and not by these rules.)) This chapter implements the statewide rules in chapter 197-11 WAC as they apply to the department of licensing.

[Statutory Authority: RCW 43.21C.120. 78-09-002 (Order 500-DOL), 308-200A-020, filed 8/3/78. Formerly WAC 308-200-020.]

WAC 308-200A-022   Adoption by reference.   The department of licensing adopts the following sections of chapter 197-11 WAC by reference.

197-11-040 Definitions.
197-11-050 Lead agency.
197-11-055 Timing of the SEPA process.
197-11-060 Content of environmental review.
197-11-070 Limitations on actions during SEPA process.
197-11-080 Incomplete or unavailable information.
197-11-090 Supporting documents.
197-11-100 Information required of applicants.
197-11-300 Purpose of this part.
197-11-305 Categorical exemptions.
197-11-310 Threshold determination required.
197-11-315 Environmental checklist.
197-11-330 Threshold determination process.
197-11-335 Additional information.
197-11-340 Determination of nonsignificance (DNS).
197-11-350 Mitigated DNS.
197-11-360 Determination of significance (DS)/initiation of scoping.
197-11-390 Effect of threshold determination.
197-11-400 Purpose of EIS.
197-11-402 General requirements.
197-11-405 EIS types.
197-11-406 EIS timing.
197-11-408 Scoping.
197-11-410 Expanded scoping. (Optional)
197-11-420 EIS preparation.
197-11-425 Style and size.
197-11-430 Format.
197-11-435 Cover letter or memo.
197-11-440 EIS contents.
197-11-442 Contents of EIS on nonproject proposals.
197-11-443 EIS contents when prior nonproject EIS.
197-11-444 Elements of the environment.
197-11-448 Relationship of EIS to other considerations.
197-11-450 Cost-benefit analysis.
197-11-455 Issuance of DEIS.
197-11-460 Issuance of FEIS.
197-11-500 Purpose of this part.
197-11-502 Inviting comment.
197-11-504 Availability and cost of environmental documents.
197-11-508 SEPA register.
197-11-535 Public hearings and meetings.
197-11-545 Effect of no comment.
197-11-550 Specificity of comments.
197-11-560 FEIS response to comments.
197-11-570 Consulted agency costs to assist lead agency.
197-11-600 When to use existing environmental documents.
197-11-610 Use of NEPA documents.
197-11-620 Supplemental environmental impact statement -- Procedures.
197-11-625 Addenda -- Procedures.
197-11-630 Adoption -- Procedures.
197-11-635 Incorporation by reference -- Procedures.
197-11-640 Combining documents.
197-11-650 Purpose of this part.
197-11-655 Implementation.
197-11-660 Substantive authority and mitigation.
197-11-680 Appeals.
197-11-700 Definitions.
197-11-702 Act.
197-11-704 Action.
197-11-706 Addendum.
197-11-708 Adoption.
197-11-710 Affected tribe.
197-11-712 Affecting.
197-11-714 Agency.
197-11-716 Applicant.
197-11-718 Built environment.
197-11-720 Categorical exemption.
197-11-722 Consolidated appeal.
197-11-724 Consulted agency.
197-11-726 Cost-benefit analysis.
197-11-728 County/city.
197-11-730 Decision maker.
197-11-732 Department.
197-11-734 Determination of nonsignificance (DNS).
197-11-736 Determination of significance (DS).
197-11-738 EIS.
197-11-740 Environment.
197-11-742 Environmental checklist.
197-11-744 Environmental document.
197-11-746 Environmental review.
197-11-748 Environmentally sensitive area.
197-11-750 Expanded scoping.
197-11-752 Impacts.
197-11-754 Incorporation by reference.
197-11-756 Lands covered by water.
197-11-758 Lead agency.
197-11-760 License.
197-11-762 Local agency.
197-11-764 Major action.
197-11-766 Mitigated DNS.
197-11-768 Mitigation.
197-11-770 Natural environment.
197-11-772 NEPA.
197-11-774 Nonproject.
197-11-776 Phased review.
197-11-778 Preparation.
197-11-780 Private project.
197-11-782 Probable.
197-11-784 Proposal.
197-11-786 Reasonable alternative.
197-11-788 Responsible official.
197-11-790 SEPA.
197-11-792 Scope.
197-11-793 Scoping.
197-11-794 Significant.
197-11-796 State agency.
197-11-797 Threshold determination.
197-11-799 Underlying governmental action.
197-11-800 Categorical exemptions.
197-11-810 Exemptions and nonexemptions applicable to specific state agencies.
197-11-855 Department of ecology.
197-11-880 Emergencies.
197-11-890 Petitioning DOE to change exemptions.
197-11-900 Purpose of this part.
197-11-908 Critical areas.
197-11-912 Procedures of consulted agencies.
197-11-916 Application to ongoing actions.
197-11-917 Relationship to chapter 197-10 WAC.
197-11-920 Agencies with environmental expertise.
197-11-922 Lead agency rules.
197-11-924 Determining the lead agency.
197-11-926 Lead agency for governmental proposals.
197-11-928 Lead agency for public and private proposals.
197-11-930 Lead agency for private projects with one agency with jurisdiction.
197-11-932 Lead agency for private projects requiring licenses from more than one agency, when one of the agencies is a county/city.
197-11-934 Lead agency for private projects requiring licenses from a local agency, not a county/city, and one or more state agencies.
197-11-936 Lead agency for private projects requiring licenses from more than one state agency.
197-11-938 Lead agencies for specific proposals.
197-11-940 Transfer of lead agency status to a state agency.
197-11-942 Agreements on lead agency status.
197-11-944 Agreements on division of lead agency duties.
197-11-946 DOE resolution of lead agency disputes.
197-11-948 Assumption of lead agency status.
197-11-960 Environmental checklist.
197-11-965 Adoption notice.
197-11-970 Determination of nonsignificance (DNS).
197-11-980 Determination of significance and scoping notice (DS).
197-11-985 Notice of assumption of lead agency status.
197-11-990 Notice of action.



     The following sections of the Washington Administrative Code are repealed:
WAC 308-200A-025 Scope and coverage of this chapter.
WAC 308-200A-030 Integration of SEPA procedures with other governmental operations.
WAC 308-200A-040 Definitions.
WAC 308-200A-050 Use of the environmental checklist form.
WAC 308-200A-055 Timing of the EIS process.
WAC 308-200A-060 Scope of a proposal and its impacts for the purposes of lead agency determination, threshold determination, and EIS preparation.
WAC 308-200A-100 Summary of information which may be required of a private applicant.
WAC 308-200A-150 Exemptions exclusive -- CEP approval of changes in exemptions.
WAC 308-200A-160 No presumption of significance for nonexempt actions.
WAC 308-200A-170 Categorical exemptions.
WAC 308-200A-175 Exemptions and nonexemptions applicable to the department.
WAC 308-200A-177 Environmentally sensitive areas.
WAC 308-200A-180 Exemptions for emergency actions.
WAC 308-200A-190 Use and effect of categorical exemptions.
WAC 308-200A-200 Lead agency -- Responsibilities.
WAC 308-200A-203 Determination of lead agency -- Procedures.
WAC 308-200A-205 Lead agency designation -- Governmental proposals.
WAC 308-200A-210 Lead agency designation -- Proposals involving both private and public construction activity.
WAC 308-200A-215 Lead agency designation -- Private projects for which there is only one agency with jurisdiction.
WAC 308-200A-220 Lead agency designation -- Private projects requiring licenses from more than one agency, when one of the agencies is a county/city.
WAC 308-200A-225 Lead agency designation -- Private projects requiring licenses from more than one state agency.
WAC 308-200A-230 Lead agency designation -- Specific proposals.
WAC 308-200A-235 Local agency transfer of lead agency status to a state agency.
WAC 308-200A-240 Agreements as to lead agency status.
WAC 308-200A-245 Agreements between agencies as to division of lead agency duties.
WAC 308-200A-260 Dispute as to lead agency determination -- Resolution by CEP.
WAC 308-200A-270 Assumption of lead agency status by another agency with jurisdiction.
WAC 308-200A-300 Threshold determination requirement.
WAC 308-200A-305 Recommended timing for threshold determination.
WAC 308-200A-310 Threshold determination procedures -- Environmental checklist.
WAC 308-200A-320 Threshold determination procedures -- Initial review of environmental checklist.
WAC 308-200A-330 Threshold determination procedures -- Information in addition to checklist.
WAC 308-200A-340 Threshold determination procedures -- Negative declarations.
WAC 308-200A-345 Assumption of lead agency status by another agency with jurisdiction over a proposal -- Prerequisites, effect and form of notice.
WAC 308-200A-350 Affirmative threshold determination.
WAC 308-200A-355 Form of declaration of significance/nonsignificance.
WAC 308-200A-360 Threshold determination criteria -- Application of environmental checklist.
WAC 308-200A-365 Environmental checklist.
WAC 308-200A-370 Withdrawal of affirmative threshold determination.
WAC 308-200A-375 Withdrawal of negative threshold determination.
WAC 308-200A-390 Effect of threshold determination by lead agency.
WAC 308-200A-400 Duty to begin preparation of a draft EIS.
WAC 308-200A-405 Purpose and function of a draft EIS.
WAC 308-200A-410 Predraft consultation procedures.
WAC 308-200A-420 Preparation of EIS by persons outside the lead agency.
WAC 308-200A-425 Organization and style of a draft EIS.
WAC 308-200A-440 Contents of a draft EIS.
WAC 308-200A-442 Special considerations regarding contents of an EIS on a nonproject action.
WAC 308-200A-444 List of elements of the environment.
WAC 308-200A-446 Draft EIS -- Optional additional elements -- Limitation.
WAC 308-200A-450 Public awareness of availability of draft EIS.
WAC 308-200A-455 Circulation of the draft EIS -- Review period.
WAC 308-200A-460 Specific agencies to which draft EIS shall be sent.
WAC 308-200A-465 Agencies possessing environmental expertise.
WAC 308-200A-470 Cost to the public for reproduction of environmental documents.
WAC 308-200A-480 Public hearing on a proposal -- When required.
WAC 308-200A-485 Notice of public hearing on environmental impact of the proposal.
WAC 308-200A-490 Public hearing on the proposal -- Use of environmental documents.
WAC 308-200A-495 Preparation of amended or new draft EIS.
WAC 308-200A-500 Responsibilities of consulted agencies -- Local agencies.
WAC 308-200A-510 Responsibilities of consulted agencies -- State agencies with jurisdiction.
WAC 308-200A-520 Responsibilities of consulted agencies -- State agencies with environmental expertise.
WAC 308-200A-530 Responsibilities of consulted agencies -- When predraft consultation has occurred.
WAC 308-200A-535 Cost of performance of consulted agency responsibilities.
WAC 308-200A-540 Limitations on responses to consultation.
WAC 308-200A-545 Effect of no written comment.
WAC 308-200A-550 Preparation of the final EIS -- Time period allowed.
WAC 308-200A-570 Preparation of the final EIS -- Contents -- When no critical comments received on the draft EIS.
WAC 308-200A-580 Preparation of the final EIS -- Contents -- When critical comments received on the draft EIS.
WAC 308-200A-600 Circulation of the final EIS.
WAC 308-200A-650 Effect of an adequate final EIS prepared pursuant to NEPA.
WAC 308-200A-652 Supplementation by a lead agency of an inadequate final NEPA EIS.
WAC 308-200A-660 Use of previously prepared EIS for a different proposed action.
WAC 308-200A-690 Use of lead agency's EIS by other acting agencies for the same proposal.
WAC 308-200A-695 Draft and final supplements to a revised EIS.
WAC 308-200A-700 No action for seven days after publication of the final EIS.
WAC 308-200A-710 EIS combined with existing planning and review processes.
WAC 308-200A-820 Designation of responsible official.
WAC 308-200A-831 Responsibility of agencies -- SEPA public information.
WAC 308-200A-840 Application of agency rules to ongoing actions.
WAC 308-200A-860 Fees to cover the costs of SEPA compliance.
WAC 308-200A-900 Applicability of this chapter.
WAC 308-200A-910 Severability.

Washington State Code Reviser's Office