WSR 10-22-009



[ Filed October 21, 2010, 9:17 a.m. ]

The office of the insurance commissioner (OIC) has issued bulletins and technical assistance advisories to explain state laws and regulations and offer guidance on compliance issues. The OIC has conducted a review of all of its bulletins and technical assistance advisories as a component of its ongoing regulatory improvement process. Many of these bulletins and technical assistance advisories were issued at the request of regulated entities to explain the implementation of enacted laws or to address recurring questions. While they were a useful communication tool at the time, it is now appropriate to retire the following bulletins and technical assistance advisories as they have served their purpose. This action does not indicate any change in the position of the OIC regarding the matters discussed in the retired bulletins and technical assistance advisories.

T06-05 Disaster Preparedness
T06-03 Compliance with RCW 48.43.055 and WAC 284-43-322 Regarding Alternative Dispute Resolution Provisions in Provider Contracts
T06-02 Underinsured Motorist Property Damage Coverage Limits - RCW 48.22.030
T06-01 Motor Vehicle Service Contracts
T05-06 Obligation to Send Adverse Action Notices Related to Credit History or Insurance Scoring
T05-05 The Anti-Discrimination Provision of RCW 48.43.035(1) as Applied to Carriers that Offer Health Benefit Plans to Associations, Trusts, and Member Governed Groups
T05-03 Minimum Credit Insurance Reserves
T05-02 2001 Commissioner's Standard Ordinary Mortality Table (2001 CSO)
T05-01 Requests for Permitted Accounting Practices
T04-06 Supplemental Compensation Exhibit
T04-01 Automobile Insurance Coverage for Returning Armed Forces Members
T02-04 Limited Premium Payment Options for LTC Contracts
T02-01 Property Casualty Rate, Rule and Form Filings
T01-03 Washington State Health Insurance Pool (WSHIP) - Annual Assessment Report
T00-07 Individual and Small Group Filings
T00-03 New Filing Requirements Resulting From Chapter 79, Laws of 2000 (E2SSB 6067)
T00-01 New Rules Governing Provider Relations
T99-01 Application of RCW 48.43.115 - the Erin Act
T98-05 Cancellation of Policies by Insureds (Other Than Life Insurance and Annuity Contracts)
T98-04 Adequate Response Time to Inquiry From the Office of Insurance Commissioner
T97-03 SSB 5750 Use and File System
T97-01 Re: Assets of Health Care Service Contractors and Health Maintenance Organizations
96-03 Avoiding Danger to Insureds
95-09 Every Category of Provider
93-2 Gross Credit Life Insurance - Order Withdrawing Certain Forms
93-1 Windstorm Damage Settlements and Related Concerns
91-6 United States Longshoremen's and Harbor Workers' Compensation Act Coverage
89-3 Sales Tax and ACV Claims
85-2 Two Items of Importance to Life Insurers
82-7 Waiver of Small Premium Adjustments--Property & Casualty Insurance
80-4 Volcano Coverage
79-4 Subrogation Clauses, What is Acceptable
79-3 Improper use of Driving Records

Mike Kreidler

Washington State Code Reviser's Office