WSR 11-01-149


[ Filed December 21, 2010, 3:27 p.m. ]

Reviser's note: The following material has not been adopted under the Administrative Procedure Act, chapter 34.05 RCW, but has been filed in the office of the code reviser and is published in the Register exactly as filed. Following is an amendment to chapter 137-91 WAC, Adult correctional institutions--Medical care--Health care. This amendment is submitted for publication in the Washington State Register and the Washington Administrative Code. Pertinent information follows:

1. The amendment to chapter 137-91 WAC, Adult correctional institutions--Medical care--Health care is adopted as of December 21, 2010.

2. The effective date of this amendment shall be January 21, 2011.

3. I certify pursuant to RCW 34.05.030 that the rule as stated above is excluded from the Administrative Procedure Act.

Eldon Vail



AMENDATORY SECTION(Amending WSR 97-22-057, filed 11/3/97, effective 10/22/97)

WAC 137-91-010   Health care -- General policy.   The policy of the department of corrections (the department) with regard to health care for offenders in adult correctional facilities is to provide that care, consistent with the Offender Health Plan (OHP), which is medically necessary to respond to the offender's medical, dental, and mental health needs. Medically necessary is defined as that care that is determined by the department to:

Be consistent with applicable department policies and procedures;
Be ordered by an authorized department health care provider;
(( Be required to prevent significant deterioration in the offender's health or permanent functional impairment if not rendered during the period of incarceration;))
Not be considered experimental or be lacking in medically recognized professional documentation of efficacy; and
Not be administered solely for the convenience of the offender or the health care provider.

[97-22-057, 137-91-010, filed 11/3/97, effective 10/22/97.]

Washington State Code Reviser's Office