WSR 11-08-061



[ Filed April 6, 2011, 8:55 a.m. ]

The department of ecology withdraws the CR-101 preproposal statement of inquiry, WSR 10-18-007, filed on August 19, 2010, chapter 173-98 WAC, Use and limitations of the water pollution control revolving fund.

The department of ecology is filing another CR-101 that includes both chapter 173-98 WAC, Use and limitations of the water pollution control revolving fund and chapter 173-95A WAC, Use and limitation of centennial clean water funds. This new filing addresses issues of consistency between these two rules as necessary to administer the water quality's joint funding program, as well as issues identified for the original CR-101. This rule making will address:

Incorporating provisions in the 2010 clean water state revolving fund federal appropriation (e.g. green project reserves, forgivable principal).

Reviewing the allocation of funds between project categories (e.g., facility, activity, or green project reserves).

Creating a set-aside for preconstruction activities (e.g., planning and design).

Maintaining consistency between the state revolving fund (SRF) and centennial grant programs.

Setting a minimum score on applications in order to receive funding.

Reviewing the list of eligible and ineligible projects to be consistent with Environmental Protection Agency guidance and to define the list of low impact development techniques.

Revisiting eligibility of projects that serve only industrial and commercial wastewater or stormwater.

Addressing the usefulness of hardship funding for stormwater projects.

Requiring an enterprise accounts [account] for all SRF loan recipients.

Other issue[s] that emerge during the public comment period.

Cleaning up miscellaneous housekeeping items (e.g., minor corrections, typos).

Kelly Susewind

Water Quality

Program Manager

Washington State Code Reviser's Office