WSR 11-16-044



[ Filed July 27, 2011, 4:48 p.m. ]

Following is the rule-making agenda for the department of licensing. This agenda is sent as a requirement of RCW 34.05.314.

If I can provide any additional information regarding rule making at the department of licensing please don't hesitate to contact me via e-mail at or by phone at (360) 359-4019.


JULY 2011

06-22-105 10-23-023 Motorcycle Establish basic requirements governing the operation and scope of motorcycle education courses offered by commercial businesses.
08-07-004 Engineers Chapter 196-26A WAC, Engineer and land surveyor fees.
08-14-032 Real estate Implement section 10, chapter 110, Laws of 2008.
08-18-066 Driver responsibility WAC 308-104-160 Nonmoving violation defined.
08-18-068 Driver examining WAC 308-104-018.
09-08-075 Engineering Chapter 196-20 WAC, part of an effort to better organize existing and future rules under the existing chapter that pertain to engineers-in-training.
09-08-077 Land surveyors Chapter 196-21 WAC, part of an effort to better organize existing and future rules under the existing chapter that pertain to land surveyors-in-training.
09-14-135 Engineers Chapter 196-12 WAC, amending to reflect current board practices.
10-01-035 Tattoo New rules.
10-01-136 Engineers Chapter 196-25 WAC.
10-08-095 Title and registration WAC 308-56A-206.
10-11-107 Real estate appraiser Rules to implement ESHB 3040, chapter 179, Laws of 2010.
10-12-073 Cosmetology Chapter 308-20 WAC.
10-14-037 Real estate Director authority on conducting audits and investigations.
10-17-044 11-15-044 Appraiser Chapter 308-125 WAC, change regulations for acceptable distant education and repeal rule allowing credit for challenged exams.
10-19-061 Drivers WAC 308-104-014 Application for driver license or ID, updating application requirements.
10-20-121 Limousine Update, clarify and establish rules.
10-22-077 11-15-030 Title and registration Chapter 308-56A WAC, Motor vehicle titles; chapter 308-94 WAC, Snowmobiles.
10-24-051 11-13-117 PSD WAC 308-96A-005 Definitions, 308-96A-355 Satisfaction of parking violations.
10-23-085 Drivers Mailing original driver's licenses and identicards out-of-state.
10-23-086 Drivers Chapter 308-102 WAC, Administration of the Financial Responsibility Act -- Procedures.
10-23-088 Drivers Chapter 308-103 WAC, Rules of procedure for hearings conducted under RCW 46.20.308.
10-23-097 Real estate Examination of managing brokers.
11-13-116 PSD/vehicles WAC 308-96A-161 Fleet registration.
11-14-070 Borpels Chapter 196-30 WAC, On-site designers' fees.
11-14-122 PSD Certificates of ownership.
11-15-088 Collection agencies July 20, 2011, filed CR-105, July 7, 2011, DOL approval.
11-15-059 Drivers WAC 308-104-075, admin sanctions re: ID application; DOL approval on file.

Ben Shomshor

Rules Coordinator

Washington State Code Reviser's Office