WSR 12-04-025



[ Filed January 25, 2012, 3:03 p.m. ]

Following is the department of agriculture's semi-annual rules development agenda for the period of January 1 through June 30, 2012. This document is being sent to you in compliance with RCW 34.05.314.

The department may undertake additional rule-making activity as conditions warrant. If you have any questions, please call Teresa Norman at (360) 902-2043 or e-mail

Semi-Annual Rules Agenda

January 1 - June 30, 2012

P.O. Box 42560

Olympia, WA 98504-2560

WAC Number Rule Title Agency Contact Tentative Timeline Subject of Rule Making


CR-102 CR-103
Agriculture Development and Assistance
16-05 Procedural rules for lists of organizations. Elizabeth McNagny

Administrative Regulations

Phone (360) 902-1809

January, filing pending director approval March The department is considering repealing this chapter.
16-06 Public records. Elizabeth McNagny

Administrative Regulations

Phone (360) 902-1809

April, filing pending director approval June Updating department information and procedures to provide access to public records.
16-08 Practice and procedure. Elizabeth McNagny

Administrative Regulations

Phone (360) 902-1809

June, filing pending director approval August Updating rules of procedure that are applicable to adjudicative proceedings.
Animal Services
NEW Animal disease traceability. Jodi Jones

Division Coordinator

Phone (360) 902-1889

April June August

Creation of the animal disease traceability program.
Commodity Inspection
16-326 Brassica seed production district. Victor Shaul

Seed Program Operations

Phone (509) 225-2630

December 2011 January March Amending Brassica seed production rules to prohibit the planting and production of Brassica napus var. biennis, winter type canola or rapeseed in Brassica seed production district 2.
Food Safety and Consumer Services
16-167 Intrastate commerce in food. Claudia Coles

Compliance Program

Phone (360) 902-1905

January, filing pending director approval June August Adoption of most current Codes of Federal Regulation for interstate commerce in food.
16-149 Cottage food operations. Claudia Coles

Compliance Program

Phone (360) 902-1905

July 2011 March June Establishing requirements for cottage food operations.

Nutrient management. Virginia Prest

Dairy Nutrient Management Program

Phone (360) 902-1928

March, filing pending director approval June August Establishing civil penalty rules.
Plant Protection
16-470 Quarantine -- Agricultural pests. Tom Wessels

Plant Services Program

Phone (360) 902-1984

June August September Industry request quarantine that would place restrictions on the importation of hazelnut plants into Washington state in response to eastern filbert blight.
16-470 Quarantine -- Agricultural pests. Brad White

Pest Program

Phone (360) 902-2071

February April June Revising apple maggot quarantine rules to incorporate the 2011 survey data in delimiting the pest free area.
16-662 Weights and measures -- National handbooks. Jerry Buendel

Weights and Measures Program

Phone (360) 902-1856

January March April National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Handbook 130 (Uniform Laws and Regulations in the Areas of Legal Metrology and Engine Fuel Quality).

Teresa Norman

Rules Coordinator

Washington State Code Reviser's Office