WSR 12-12-081



[ Filed June 6, 2012, 11:11 a.m. ]

Subject of Possible Rule Making: Chapter 16-86 WAC, Cattle and bison diseases in Washington state.

Statutes Authorizing the Agency to Adopt Rules on this Subject: Chapters 16.36 and 34.05 RCW.

Reasons Why Rules on this Subject may be Needed and What They Might Accomplish: The department proposes to amend chapter 16-86 WAC to change the official mature RB-51 Brucella vaccination dosage from 0.25cc to a full dose of the RB-51 Brucella vaccine. New research is casting doubt on the effective protection provided with the .25cc dose of the RB-51 vaccine. Amending this chapter will provide confidence with our neighboring trading partners that our cattle our [are] protected against brucellosis and movement restrictions in the event of exposure are not required.

Other Federal and State Agencies that Regulate this Subject and the Process Coordinating the Rule with These Agencies: None.

Process for Developing New Rule: The Washington state department of agriculture (WSDA) staff will develop the rule proposal with the help of industry input. Interested parties will be given the opportunity to participate during the public hearing and public comment process.

Interested parties can participate in the decision to adopt the new rule and formulation of the proposed rule before publication by contacting Jodi Jones, WSDA, P.O. Box 42560, Olympia, WA 98504, phone (360) 902-1889, fax (360) 902-2087, e-mail

June 6, 2012

Dr. Leonard E. Eldridge

Assistant Director

Washington State Code Reviser's Office