WSR 12-14-106



[ Filed July 3, 2012, 2:38 p.m. ]

Following please find the department of commerce's semi-annual rules development agenda for publication in the Washington State Register, pursuant to RCW 34.05.314. There may be additional rule-making activity not on the agenda as conditions warrant.

Please contact Nick Demerice if you have questions, or (360) 725-4010.

Semi-Annual Rule-Making Agenda

July 1 through December 31, 2012

WAC Citation Subject Matter/Purpose of Rule Current Activity/

Approximate Filing Date

Chapter 130-02 WAC Per RCW 43.365.020, commerce intends to update rules pertaining to the motion picture competitiveness program in order to align rules with changes made to the underlying statutes during the 2012 legislative session. Anticipated completion in fall of 2012
Chapter 365-230 WAC Update lead-based paint accreditation to be consistent with EPA due out this July around dust wipe sampling. Changes may make current rules obsolete. Anticipated completion in winter 2012
Chapter 365-120 WAC Repeal chapter 365-120 WAC, State funding of local emergency shelter and transitional housing, operating and rent. These rules are no longer necessary due to the enactment of chapter 43.185C RCW that governs the operation of commerce homeless programs. Anticipated completion in fall 2012

Nick Demerice

Rules Coordinator

Washington State Code Reviser's Office