WSR 13-02-057



(Recreation and Conservation Funding Board)

(Salmon Recovery Funding Board)

[ Filed December 27, 2012, 10:04 a.m. ]

     To comply with RCW 34.05.314, the recreation and conservation office (RCO), on behalf of the recreation and conservation funding board (RCFB) and salmon recovery funding board (SRFB), has prepared the following agenda for rules under development. As required, filing will be made with the code reviser for publication in the State Register by January 31 and July 31 each year. Within three days of publication, the RCO will provide copies to each person so requesting, the director of office of financial management, the rules review committee, and other state agencies that may reasonably be expected to have an interest in this subject.

     Contact Dominga Soliz, rules coordinator, (360) 725-3937,

Rules Development Agenda

January - July 2013

Subject of possible rule making Reasons why rules on this subject may be needed and what might be accomplished Status in response to EO 11-03
TITLE 286 WAC Change the agency's name from interagency committee for outdoor recreation to the RCFB and RCO as required in HB 1813 (2007). Postponed
TITLE 286 WAC Update code references such as the state's public disclosure law, recently changed from chapter 42.17 to 42.56 RCW. Postponed
TITLE 286 WAC Update section titles to an easier to understand format. Many titles have already been improved to this new format. Postponed
WAC 286-04-010 Update definitions. Postponed
WAC 286-06-045 Move to a more logical location and clarify the text. Postponed
WAC 286-13-060 Identify accurate sequence for agreement signatures. Postponed
TITLE 286 WAC Ensure that all language referencing conversions is consistent throughout the WAC. Postponed
WAC 286-26-080 and 286-27-040 Update language regarding planning requirements; provide more general guidance. Postponed