WSR 13-03-050



[ Filed January 10, 2013, 3:34 p.m. ]

     Following is the rule-making agenda for the department of licensing. This agenda is sent as a requirement of RCW 34.05.314.

     For any additional information regarding rule making at the department of licensing please don't hesitate to contact Damon Monroe via e-mail, or phone (360) 902-3843.



06-22-105 10-23-023 Motorcycle New rule: Establish basic requirements governing the operation and scope of motorcycle education courses offered by commercial businesses.
08-07-004 Engineers Chapter 196-26A WAC, Engineer and land surveyor fees, to enact the requirement to end the fee suspension.
08-14-032 Real estate Implement section 10, chapter 110, Laws of 2008.
08-18-066 12-24-082 Driver records WAC 308-104-160 Moving and nonmoving traffic violations defined, update WAC 308-104-160 to provide a definition for moving and nonmoving violations.
08-18-068 Driver examining WAC 308-104-018 Changing the address of record.
09-08-075 Engineering Chapter 196-20 WAC part of an effort to better organize existing and future rules under the existing chapter that pertains to engineers-in-training.
09-08-077 Land surveyor Chapter 196-21 WAC part of an effort to better organize existing and future rules under the existing chapter that pertains to land surveyors-in-training.
10-01-035 Tattoo New rules: Body art, body piercing, and tattooing.
10-01-136 Engineers Chapter 196-25 WAC, Business practices, the board is currently looking at the definitions that are currently contained in rule.
10-08-095 Title and registration WAC 308-56A-206 Certificates of title -- Motor vehicles, etc., to clarify the process when a customer presents a Washington title and there is not an existing Washington record on file in the data base with the department.
10-12-073 Cosmetology Chapter 308-20 WAC to determine if there are any rules that are no longer needed or need further written clarification.
10-14-037 Real estate Director authority on conducting audits and investigations.
10-19-061 PSD/training/ technical services WAC 308-104-014 Application for driver license or ID, updating application requirements.
10-23-085 PSD/driver records Mailing original driver's licenses and identicards out-of-state.
10-23-086 PSD/driver records Chapter 308-102 WAC, Administration of the Financial Responsibility Act -- Procedures.
10-23-088 PSD/hearings Chapter 308-103 WAC, Rules of procedure for hearings conducted under RCW 46.20.308.
10-23-097 Real estate Examination of managing brokers.
11-15-059 11-24-106 PSD/training/ technical services WAC 308-104-075, administrative sanctions re: ID application.
09-14-135 Engineers Chapter 196-12 WAC amending to reflect current board practices. Language will be amended and/or repealed to better reflect the board's current practices.
12-03-062 BPD/real estate Director's authority for investigations, inspections and audits, time, place, manner.
12-11-060 13-02-049 PSD/vehicles Vehicle licenses and vehicle brands.
12-11-013 PSD/contracts and programs New rule. ADR monitoring services, to allow insurance carriers, employers, or their agents to enter into contracts with the department of licensing to participate in the abstract driving records (ADR) monitoring service.
12-10-086 13-01-065 PSD/vehicle and vessel licensing Chapter 308-96A WAC, Vehicle licensees, WAC 308-96A-530 Veteran remembrance license plate emblems.
12-14-072 PSD/contracts and programs (CDL) WAC 308-100- 033 Minimum training requirements.
12-20-055 BPD/collection agencies Board's authority on conducting audits and investigations of business and profession licensees.
12-21-085 BPD/engineers and land surveyors Chapter 196-26A WAC, Registered professional engineers and land surveyor fees. Amendment need[s] to make a reduction in fees charged to licensees.
12-20-026 BPD/engineers and land surveyors Chapter 196-09 WAC, Board practices and procedures, clarify the board procedures on investigations.

Damon Monroe

Rules Coordinator