WSR 13-07-006



[ Filed March 7, 2013, 11:22 a.m. ]

Prevailing Rate of Wage Correction for the Trades: Construction Site Surveyors, Dredge Workers, Power Equipment Operators, and Power Equipment Operators-Underground Sewer and Water

     Pursuant to RCW 39.12.015, 39.12.020 and WAC 296-127-011, on March 6, 2013, the industrial statistician made a correction to the prevailing rates of wage. Pursuant to WAC 296-127-011, the corrected rates will become effective thirty days from the publication on April 5, 2013.

     The prevailing wage program has made a correction to the trades: Construction site surveyors, dredge workers, power equipment operators, and power equipment operators-underground sewer and water. This correction will reduce by thirty cents the wage rates for these four trades in several counties.

     For more information on prevailing wage or a copy of the rates, please visit our web site at or call (360) 902-5335. Please see details of this correction at

L. Ann Selover

Prevailing Wage Manager

Industrial Statistician