WSR 13-15-107
(Children's Administration)
[Filed July 22, 2013, 11:55 a.m.]
Subject of Possible Rule Making: WAC 388-160-0265 Do I need to report runaway youth who stay at the shelter? and other related rules may be amended as necessary.
Statutes Authorizing the Agency to Adopt Rules on this Subject: RCW 13.32A.030, 13.32A.082, 13.32A.085, 43.43.510.
Reasons Why Rules on this Subject may be Needed and What They Might Accomplish: Amending WAC 388-160-0265 to ensure WAC is consistent with RCW 13.32A.082. Establishes notification requirements for licensed youth shelters for the safety of youth served. The RCW changed in the 2013 legislative session to require licensed youth centers to contact parents within seventy-two hours regarding youth who come to the shelter (and the youth is a runaway) unless there are compelling reasons to not notify the parent. The notification then must be made to the department. The law compels licensed youth shelters to check information publicly available at Washington state patrol every eight hours to see if a youth is listed as a runaway.
Other Federal and State Agencies that Regulate this Subject and the Process Coordinating the Rule with These Agencies: Children's administration will coordinate with the attorney general's office during the rule-making process and any other agencies as necessary.
Process for Developing New Rule: DSHS welcomes the public to take part in developing the rules. Anyone interested should contact the staff person identified below. At a later date, DSHS will file a proposal with the office of the code reviser with a notice of proposed rule making. A copy of the proposal will be sent to everyone on the mailing list and to anyone who requests a copy.
Interested parties can participate in the decision to adopt the new rule and formulation of the proposed rule before publication by contacting Lori VanClifford, Children's Administration, P.O. Box 45710, Olympia, WA 98504, phone (360) 902-0270, fax (360) 902-7903, e-mail
July 10, 2013
Katherine I. Vasquez
Rules Coordinator